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Our capstone day for Asian Access Jubilee in Jakarta focused on the perfect theme: The Future is Now!

Dr Ajith Fernando led us in another in-depth devotional focusing on one of the core components to the fruitfulness of Asian Access. He called it "Spiritual Parenthood" but others may call it mentoring or discipleship. It was a powerful metaphor for me given the history and trajectory of our week. You see, Asian Access holds something unique for an organization. Every leader we’ve had within the movement invests in me as the next generation leader. They stand beside me, behind me and support me along the way.

Our life with Christ is the same. We need him and we need one another!

The day showcased many of the present generation ministries that are now flourishing because of the great pioneering foundation that was laid years ago and the careful gardening of our movement during the days of initial expansion. Today we are serving in 13 countries with a few thousand leaders who are part of the Asian Access alumni family and countless others downstream from them. It’s a mighty movement of the Lord! 

Future Countries Now Opened

We opened with Adrian De Visser highlighting our two newest countries: the Philippines and another I cannot name publicly for security reasons. And he spoke of several that are on the horizon!

Future Leaders Now Leading

From that entry, we moved to the next generation showcasing first the Adair family (below, left) as a picture of the next generation. Robert and Roberta represent a new type of emerging leaders, working with a league of A2 missionaries in Japan.

Next, we made a prayerful gesture of passing the baton from one generation to the next in publicly announcing Rev. Joshua Hari (below, right) as the next National Director in Japan. It was a beautiful experience seeing how the generations prior are investing in, empowering and commissioning this current generation of leaders. I am so stoked about them!

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Future Marketplace Ministry Now Launched

The morning concluded highlighting our new venture: where we now come alongside senior level marketplace leaders for missional advance in two countries, soon to be four. It’s such a joy to see all of these new developments occurring!

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The Future Is Now

The whole week concluded with a dinner celebration where we focused on where God is taking us in the future. It was so cool as every country gave a gift to Asian Access to signify their appreciation of the movement and what it has meant to their country.

And, we cast a vision for the future calling our community to dream together! While we have a plan and goals for 2020, we are now looking beyond to taking Asian Access Global and being in 50 countries by 2030! 

Eastern Voices

As part of this look to the future we showcased the first volume of a new series called Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia In Their Own Words. If you haven’t order the book, go to and get a copy. Every purchase helps Asian Access, especially if you use Amazon Smile. And you’ll learn a ton of what God is doing through key leaders in Asia today.

Eastern Voices, Vol. 1

Finally, it wouldn’t be a fitting end without Rev. Paul Ariga shouting and jumping saying “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” He captured our movement so well with three key phrases from our long-standing presidents: 

My vision is to empower your vision!

With God ALL things are possible!

Dream with Me!

I hope you’ll join us at one of our upcoming dinners in Knoxville this September, Los Angeles in October or Japan this November as we continue celebrating all that God has done and looking to the future for where He will be taking us! 

From Him and Through Him and For Him,


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