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David and Jackie Ro, OMF missionaries, were with me this week in Taiwan. They are some of the finest servants of Christ you can meet. Jackie serves as the director for A2's Women in Ministry leader development program, while David serves as the East Asia Regional Director for the Lausanne Movement and for Gordon Conwell Seminary’s J. Christy Wilson Center for World Missions.

As we were sharing with leaders in Taipei about the ministry of Asian Access, they both had some profound insight to share: insight that was incredibly encouraging to me. 


God and Family before Ministry

Jackie shared how the women in the Asian Access cohorts truly do experience the values of putting family before ministry. Of course, God comes first but for our alumni, we are committed to honoring our families before the ministry we do. Hearing stories of women who have pledged their lives to God first, family second and ministry that follows was quite moving. Several of them have husbands who are pastors who went through the program as well, many reporting that their husbands no longer neglect their family for ministry.


A Kindgdom Platform for National Ministries to Thrive

David’s sharing was equally profound. He said that Asian Access builds a foundation or a platform as he called it for other nationwide ministries to thrive. He mentioned how Asian Access lays the groundwork where pastors no longer compete with each other or see their church as the only option. Rather, they are committed to the kingdom first before their particular ministry allowing broader nationwide efforts like the Lausanne Movement and other global partnerships to thrive.

As we say at Asian Access: one of our key goals is to “unite the Church” to see leaders multiplied, churches planting churches and extend the transforming power of the Gospel.

Praise God for servants like Jackie and David for serving with us. Together, we are part of this incredible community to see a vibrant community of servant leaders leading the Church across Asia!

Toward uniting the Church,

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