What Does This Mean?

At Asian Access, we say that we change the few who change the many. But what does this mean?

Asian Access: changing the few who change the many

It means we intentionally focus on a small number of proven leaders with potential providing a transformation process that then releases them to change the many throughout Asia.


First, our model calls for a learning community of 12-15 leaders. We do not offer workshops for 200 people. Instead, Asian Access limits participation to a dozen or so leaders in one learning community. This provides a depth of relationship with others in the group. Life-on-life mentoring occurs naturally within these smaller cohorts.



Next, the two-year learning community and core curriculum bring about a transformational process in their own lives, resulting in broader vision, deepening Christlike character, and greater competence. This leads to increased capacity to change their world. As the number of graduates grows, momentum gets rolling.

We love getting reports of what A2 alumni are doing to extend the kingdom of God across Asia. There's a vibrant community of leaders changing the world for good.

The A2 Leader Development model increases momentum over time by leveraging the right leaders and the right process for the greatest Kingdom impact throughout Asia. In other words, we sustain change through a proven process that takes the region’s most promising leaders and equips them to have a disproportionately significant impact in their countries, cultures, and continent. 

Therefore, "we change the few who change the many" means finding the right leaders and using the right process to transform those leaders and their countries from the inside out.


With Christ,


Joe Handley, President
Asian Access

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