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Edmund Chan's Message #3


Essential vs. Non-Essential

When the Titanic went down, Major Arthur Peuchen was one of those who survived. Why? 

He was able to discern between the essential and non-essential. As the great ship was going down, he was faced with a crucial last-minute choice. On the one hand, he could choose the jewels or monies left on the ship for the taking. Or he could choose three oranges instead. He grabbed the fruit. Why? Because oranges could provide sustenance for him and others floating at sea, waiting for rescuers to come.

In a similar way, Pastor Edmund Chan (pictured above on right), reminded us that we must look for that which is essential in life. And, the key is discipleship. But as Dallas Willard often asked,

“What’s your plan for discipleship?” and “Does it work?”

The great problem in discipleship he suggested is obedience! When we hear the Word of the Lord, do we obey?

From Joshua 3:1-17, Edmund shared three principles to making headway—keeping the main thing, the main thing.


Principle 1: A Heart to Follow (vv. 2-3): 

The key for the Israelites was to simply follow the Ark. The presence of God, dwelling in the Ark at that time, was enough to sustain them in their mission. Likewise today, do we have the heart to follow?


Principle 2: The Faith to Believe (v. 13):

The priests had to believe that simply stepping into the water would work. Faith, as Edmund shared, is the currency of heaven! He advised us that, day by day by day, we must come to Jesus via the Scriptures. 


Principle 3: The Courage to Act:

You see, the waters couldn’t have subsided immediately because they stopped way upstream long before the water dried up near Jericho. Thus, the people had to be courageous to step into the flooded water area.

God was building their faith!

Edmund closed with this question:

"What is your uncrossable river today?"

If you have a heart to follow, faith to believe and courage to act, then you can Cross the Uncrossable! 


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Joe Handley, President
Asian Access

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rev-edmund-chan-200x150"I believe that the test of leadership is found in the third generation. It involves mentoring leaders who would reproduce leaders. This is why I thank God for Asian Access! It is an outstanding movement that's strategically committed to sustainable leadership development! Mentoring leaders. Multiplying disciples. YES!!!”

Rev. Edmund Chan
Leadership Mentor and former Senior Pastor, Covenant Evangelical Free Church, Singapore
Founder of the Global Alliance of Disciple-Making Churches


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Ever since joining Asian Access as president in 2008, I've been having the time of my life. In this blog, I hope to share some stories that will encourage you to engage with this ministry. At Asian Access, we change the few, who change the many.

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