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What a joy it was for Silk and me to teach together for the first time on Marriage and Family. We were joined by our teammates Christy Rajender and Jeyakaran Emmanuel from India serving with them in this remote Himalayan Kingdom.

We had a great time playing games, spending time with the families and digging into God’s word helping couples grow closer together and become better husbands, wives and parents. 

Many shared how impactful the week was for them and their marriage. Some had said they had been through the bible passages and special material before but they found this module particularly challenging. Why? Because we actually dug in deep and discussed the Word together, sharing how these principles and values work out in our lives.

The group was challenged with the idea that God comes first, then family second before ministry. So often, we pastors equate God and ministry but that’s not God’s intention. Check out what God says about church leadership in 1 Timothy 3!

We walked through a vast array of scriptures including:

  • 1 Timothy 3 (Managing a Family as a foundation for Ministry)
  • 1 Corinthians 12:4-6 (plus Silk shared about Personality Styles)
  • Gen 2:22-24 (Leaving and Cleaving)
  • Eph 5:21-33 (Mutual Submission, Love and Respect) – Christy gave a powerful exposition on the passage that morning! AND, Col 3:18-19 (Silk added to these passages the concept of Love Languages which was quite eye-opening for many of the group)
  • Song of Songs (Wow, this was an eye-opener! – Joe built on the Hebrew and Greek words for love, including passages on romance and attraction)
  • Parenting (Deut 6:6-9, Psalm 127:3-5, Prov 22:6, Heb 12:11, Prov 29:11, Eph 6:4, Col 3:21)
  • Finally developing a Vision for your Marriage and Family (Prov. 29:18)

Soon, in Part 2, we'll share a few video testimonies from the module where you’ll get a taste of the impact of this week together. It was so fun seeing these couples enjoy one another, share with each other and commit to transparent, accountable relationships together.

Pray for them! Walking together in Christ in their context is not easy. They are under immense pressure and their marriages are a key example to the people around them.

If they model Godly, healthy marriages, they will be a light to the nation. And, many will be inspired by their vulnerability, honesty and the way they treat one another. As they do this, people will be surprised and will long for similar relationships for their lives.

What a joy for Silk and I to share our lives, both the good and the bad, in our mutual journey to have marriages and families that honor Jesus and lift up his name in our nations!

Dig into the passages above and share with your spouse and accountability partners how you can grow in your marriage and walk with Jesus!

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Joe Handley, President

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Ever since joining Asian Access as president in 2008, I've been having the time of my life. In this blog, I hope to share some stories that will encourage you to engage with this ministry. At Asian Access, we change the few, who change the many.

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