For several years, Asian Access has focused on the importance of sustainability. However, progress was so slow that most of our leaders would say things like,

“Really? Do we have to talk about that again? All we do is talk. Nothing seems to ever go anywhere!” 

Country Task Force

Fortunately, the last few years we’ve taken baby steps and today we are seeing tremendous momentum. Things are gaining steam. Why, you may ask is sustainability so important?

Why is sustainability so important?

There are several reasons that our national directors highlighted two weeks ago when we gathered in Thailand. These are just a few of the things they shared:

  • It shows true ownership of the ministry.
  • It allows ministry to expand in our own countries.
  • We can train more leaders if we are sustainable.
  • If and when our countries close doors, we can keep going.
  • We won’t be dependent on others all the time.
  • It’ll allow Asian Access to grow into new countries.
  • It helps us achieve our overall vision.

Country Task Force

While together, several leaders, especially those serving on our sustainability task force shared ways in which they are seeing sustainable ministry happening. We had several planning sessions by country allowing each working team to develop their own plan for sustainability.

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Overall, our hope is that each country can move toward an interdependent relationship. After all, we are family. We don’t intend to go completely independent. That would ruin our vision: to be a vibrant community of servant leaders leading the Church across Asia!

Interdependence in Sustainability

Noel Becchetti taking notes

Each country hopes and plans to see:

  • A working team developed who will own the ministry alongside the national director;
  • 50% of their sessions being taught by local and other Asian faculty;
  • 50% of the funding being raised in-country. We even had sessions on fund development and business ventures to generate income.

Pray for us. These leaders have taken this concept to heart. Many have chosen to cut their outside resourcing by up to 30% to move us toward sustainable ministry.

These are exciting days for Asian Access as we move from just ‘talking’ about where to go but actually implementing plans to take us to the next level. As an example, check out this post about the perfect Trifecta: An Asian Access Trifecta 

Do you see sustainability as important for ministry in the 21st century? If so, share ideas on how you intend to pursue it! 

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