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Meet the Bird Man, my friend Ideree. (See him pictured here.) 

Why do I call Ideree the Bird Man? Because he’s more famous worldwide for his bird photography than for his pastoring a church or working with the leadership team of Asian Access. I tease him saying “Ideree, you are the most famous pastor in Mongolia.” He’s clearly embarrassed by that. But, check out his FB page and see the birds. You’ll see why he’s maxed out on friends (he really should open a business page): 

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While I love Ideree’s photography and can’t wait for his professional photos to come out from our trip, I’m even more impressed with what he’s doing in his church. His father and mother were pastoring when Asian Access began in Mongolia and he was assigned to drive for us during the first two cohorts. Later though, his father passed away, and Ideree became the pastor of the church. That’s where Asian Access helped him the most. 

He realized...

“I don’t have to be like other pastors or like all the famous church leaders out there. I don’t even have to be like my father.”

Ideree became one of “the few who is changing the many.” 

Ideree changed his paradigm for the church and they lost people after the transition from his father’s leadership. However, today his mother is leading another church and Ideree has 12 disciples leading small house fellowships or chapels that are intended to become churches. So, in many ways, Ideree is proving to be a very effective and fruitful pastor. 

Is he famous like other Mongolian pastors or world-renowned Christian leaders? No. As I said above, he’s more known as a bird photographer. But, Ideree is a very fruitful pastor and I’m proud of him! He is “changing the few who change the many” in Mongolia today.

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How are you using your gifts to follow Jesus today? 

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