Joe and Silk recently taught the Marriage & Family module in a restricted-access country. Here are some testimonials from that session, blurred to protect identities...

1. This reminds us of our covenant to each other we made to God.

This husband, who is a participant in the A2 leader development program, was thankful to God for this blessing of the Marriage & Family module to him and his family.

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2. Great openness in sharing your lives

This woman appreciates the open sharing by the participants in the A2 Marriage & Family module. She also shared that she can be a little driven in ministry so she will need to remember to also focus on her husband when she gets married soon.

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3. My wife supports my ministry and our future life.

From the Marriage & Family module, this pastor shared his thankfulness that his wife is now very supportive of his ministry and life.

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I trust that these testimonials have been encouraging to you as we change the few who change the many. What these friends are learning through Asian Access will certainly be passed onto their church members and their children. I have a few more that I'll share soon.

Thank you so much for your prayers for these couples and for our work across Asia!

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Joe Handley, President

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