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"In this country, everything is kept secret. No one shares openly. But, this week at A2 has been different. I’ve been surprised at how open everyone is, sharing about everything they are going through. This is so powerful, I want my husband to attend again!"
— Darwa

Recently Silk and I had the privilege of teaching for our "Marriage and Family" module in a South Asian Buddhist country that we cannot name for security reasons. In fact, it’s a country we just launched last year.

At the week-long session, we met Darwa, the wife of an Asian Access participant in that country. She was attending the A2 session along with all the other spouses and kids of the current participants. But Darwa piqued my interest when she declared, "I had no idea how good this was!"

Darwa is just one of the wives who was surprised by the deep impact of Asian Access. She said she was skeptical about coming for this week and even wasn’t sure the program was all that important for her husband, who pastors a church in their country and leads a network of ministries and churches.

But, boy, did this week change her life. She was blown away.

Darwa stated that she is now a firm believer in the Asian Access process. And so are the other wives, because they see transformation in the lives of their husbands. The leader’s transformation certainly benefits family members and church members, too!

Many participants shared that week how they have had various training and leadership seminars come through their country, countless times. But, most of the time, very little stuck with them. This time was different because of the authentic community. They said the vulnerability displayed and the willingness to hold each other accountable are making a difference.

Silk and I loved sharing with them and being with them that week. And, I pray that Silk and my sharing made a difference, but honestly, nothing we share at Asian Access is all that new. The power of the process is the learning community. It’s when you take those concepts and apply them in your lives and you gain the kind of friendships where you can walk with one another that the differences are displayed. And, more importantly, it is allowing our walk with Jesus to be the primary transformative agent in our lives. This is really the power of the Asian Access community.

Pray for these sisters and brothers. As their marriages and families are on display in their nation, many will be attracted to Jesus through their honesty, vulnerability and the influence of the Christ-like character emanating from their lives.

It’s rewarding to see the impact of Asian Access by changing the few who change the many and invigorating to hear these stories virtually everywhere I visit. And I’ve been visiting more places than ever! Asian Access is now operating in 15 countries.

But God is calling us to grow even more and there is already momentum toward expansion. Two additional countries were added in 2017, and this year, we have just conducted orientation sessions in two new countries in July and September. They are on track to launch, impacting dozens of leaders in a Muslim and also a Communist country. In addition, we currently have invitations for at least five more countries.

So we are praying for wisdom in how to meet the growing needs of leaders across Asia and beyond. It will certainly take more resources to make this happen.

Would you prayerfully consider a gift to help us explore and expand into five additional countries by 2020? Your gift now of $30, $60, $120, or even $500 will help us take next steps to be in more than 20 nations by 2020 so more pastors like Darwa’s husband will be trained.

Thank you for partnering with God through Asian Access in seeing transformation like what we have seen in leaders in 15 countries. I’m grateful for you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Joe Handley, President

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