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Asian Access’ first active missionary to pass into eternity

mlw 500pxAs you may have heard, Mike Wilson has joined Jesus in heaven, ending a lingering illness. While we miss Mike this side of eternity, we are glad that he is no longer suffering in his earthly body and has entered a home where there are no more tears, no more troubles.

I want to thank you for praying for Mike, Mary Jo, and their children Stacia and Brandon these many months. We are glad that Mike is walking with Jesus in perfect health today. At the same time, we know that Mary Jo, Stacia and Brandon still feel the pain of loss this side of eternity. Do keep praying for them.

You probably didn’t know that Mike’s passing is a significant moment in the history of Asian Access. In our 51 years of ministry, Mike is the first active missionary to pass away during his term of service.

An Exemplary Missionary

Mike was an exemplary missionary: one in whom we are most proud and who set the pace for us in discipleship and evangelism. His passion was always to bring people closer to God, whether they had never heard Jesus’ name or were already following Him. In all of my interactions with Mike, he would encourage me toward this singular endeavor. In fact, Mike was so passionate to bring people to Christ that he was known by the Japanese as an “Evangelism Animal!”

Exponential-Culture coverWe will never forget Mike and his outstanding missionary service to the Asian Access community. Above and beyond his success in ministry through partnering with Mary Jo and teams in church multiplication, evangelism and discipleship, Mike earned a doctorate in ministry on these subjects and published a book highlighting many of the principles he embodied and advocated. I hope you’ll buy Exponential Culture in his honor to learn from his wisdom. You can find it on 

A Great Friend

In addition, Mike was a great friend. You may not know that Mike took it upon himself during my first 10 years with Asian Access to be a personal prayer partner and encouragement to me as president. He would frequently call, email or text me telling me that he was praying for me and affirming that I was a gift from God to the mission. Given the challenge and loneliness of serving in a post like mine, Mike’s words were like honey to my soul.

He also challenged me, especially in the area of what he called “Temple Care” – making sure that I was in good physical shape. Mike knew too well that that was an area that I needed to grow in. I’ll miss him!

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Mary Jo's Continuing Leadership & Ministry with Asian Access

As we honor Mike’s presence with us in ministry and the legacy he leaves behind, I pray you’ll join me in keeping the family in your prayers. Mary Jo’s leadership role with Asian Access as Vice President for Missional Engagement will continue, and she’ll need your ongoing prayer.

Join me in honoring the legacy of Asian Access’ first active missionary to join Jesus as a hero in reaching Japan for Christ and setting the example for so many of us to follow!

And, do share your special memories of Mike here so that we can pass them along to the family and remember his contribution to Japan and Asian Access. Feel free to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post on one of the Facebook pages listed below...

I’m going to miss Mike and I plan to honor him by giving and by living out many of the principles he taught me over the years!

Joe Handley, President

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Joe Handley, President

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  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Mike Wilson's legacy page on Facebook
  • Mike Wilson's obituary
  • Mary Jo Wilson's facebook page
  • Mary Jo Wilson's staff profile



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