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One of the highlights of our recent Global Leaders’ Summit as meeting our latest coordinators for Asian Access in new countries. In this case, the pastor pictured here we’ll call Pastor S to protect his identity as he serves in a country that needs to remain unidentified for security reasons.

Pastor S faces ongoing pressures and real-life threats. In fact, recently he was asked, “Why would you even consider doing Asian Access in your country if you know your life is in danger?” – He said, “It’s too important that we equip our leaders to not face this kind of threats. We must proceed and if I die, I die.”

How inspiring! Pastor S is a model for all of us. Later, in reflection upon his time at the Summit he shared:

“Hi Pastor,

I am very thankful to God and thank you for A2 summit I got to know many leaders from difference country who serve the Lord in A2. And specially I really thanks for special time that two of us share together. That is the first time in my life sharing thing like this. I felt you are my close friend now when we share secret thing together.

God bless you my brother and friend.”

The deep level of community we embody through Asian Access can be seen even in the first few months of Pastor S’s time with us. He has already got the spirit of A2 that we “LIVE Community” – one of our core values!

Thank you for praying and supporting leaders like Pastor S. Your support make a world of difference, especially in these countries (10 of our 16) which face ongoing threats of persecution.

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Joe Handley, President

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