Next year an immense opportunity is knocking at our doors and you can play a part in it!

Tokyo is hosting the 2020 Olympics and Asian Access in partnership with SIM is mobilizing teams to participate through partnering with local churches in reaching out. I hope you’ll join us!

We’re praying for a breakthrough and believing that God has a plan to see the Christian population double by 2023 and the Olympic year presents a unique springboard for this to happen. In a few weeks, Japan is hosting the Rugby World Cup which starts the wheels rolling. Then, next summer you can take part through teams coming to serve before the games as Tokyo hosts both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Churches across Japan along with dozens of organizations are collaborating to fulfill this God-sized vision to see 2% of the population reached by 2023 and eventually see 50,000 churches planted over the next few decades.

Will you pray about joining us? Will you come? Will you give to help it all come together?

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Check out the opportunity to serve here:

I believe this is the opportunity of my lifetime: to see one of the worlds largest unreached people groups in the world tip toward being reached.

I hope you’ll join us… Please pray. Please come. Please serve. Please give! 


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Joe Handley, President

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