Asians Reaching Asia!

It was pure joy being with key church leaders across Asia a few weeks ago here in Tokyo. Three years ago I was the only westerner present during the core meetings and this time around, there were only 2 of us. 

It’s really an honor to be included as the tagline for this gathering is “Asians Reaching Asia!” More importantly though to me is how many of my friends and colleagues are part of the gathering. Increasingly key leaders from the Asian Access networks are participating.

This year, one of our board members, Francis Tsui, joined us. And, two of our alumni from a SE Asian country came for the first time as well. You can see them pictured here with me.

In addition, longtime friends Edmund and Ann Chan from Singapore who have endorsed Asian Access, spoken for us and collaborated through their International Disciple Making Movement

We are also honored by Rev. Younghoon Lee, Senior Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church, who originally invited us to participate. 

We are all committed to seeing the Gospel advance across Asia and are eager to do our part in reaching the world for Christ.

Would you join us in prayer to see Jesus name and fame spread across Asia?


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Joe Handley, President

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