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Takeshi Takazawa 2016 headshotYesterday, we posted a video clip from Takeshi Takazawa (Takeshi talks Crisis, Danger, and Opportunity) in 2016 where he shared about the two Chinese characters for "crisis" which are made up of "danger" and "opportunity". He was applying it to the Great Japan Disaster (3.11.11). He reminded us...

"Every crisis is a time of dangers and opportunities."

Little did Takeshi know he was about to face the biggest crisis of his life; his health deteriorated so rapidly, and he began a long 4-year journey of treatment. And Dorrie faced a health challenge as well.

Well, four years later, I have just interviewed Takeshi and Dorrie... and I want you to watch this important update from this tremendous couple.

takazawa family

Watch video on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/410906136

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