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A Silver Lining in 2020's Dark Clouds

What a year this has been! 

As most of us look back on 2020, I’m sure it’s been challenging—whether it’s the impact of COVID-19, the economic collapse or the ongoing polarization in our society and world. It often feels crazy to me.

thermometer 200k match 2020 Fall 119535One of the silver linings in the dark clouds of this year for us at Asian Access though is the blessing of going digital. I’m sure you’ve heard of our Digital Platform project and the corresponding matching gift by now. Through your participation, we’ve been able to start three new countries in what we are calling a soft launch. In one of those countries, we are starting both our pastor and business cohorts simultaneously.

Country 1 Launch

The first of these sessions in July was so encouraging to me. Pastors from a country we cannot disclose shared how encouraging it was to see one another after months of lock-down. They felt inspired as our faculty shared insights from scripture and experience.

Country 2 Launch

The second, our first cohort on the Western edge of Asia (now we span the entire continent), pastors had similar responses. Here’s what one of the leaders mentioned:

"Thank you Joe. It was a great start. Our people liked it. Teachings and materials which they used were good.

I am planning to ask a few more people to join the group. Thank you for serving our people."

A2 biz singapore biz smallCountry 3 Launch

This week, we are launching in Singapore and soon, we hope, we’ll be on the ground in each of these countries.

God is on the move and I am eager to see what he does. 

Some of the nations we work in are reporting near revivals too. So, despite COVID-19, God is working and we can be encouraged.

Of course, we are praying for you and our partners that are suffering as well. And, while we do that, I thought you might want to hear some good news.

Pray for us as we continue fostering these digital learning communities. And, may we be on location soon because discipleship is best when it is life-on-life, person-to-person.


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Rev. Joseph W. Handley, Jr., Ph.D.

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