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I wanted to pass along this important message from our colleagues and partners in Asia. Let's join in prayer.

Rev. Dr. Joseph W. Handley, Jr., Ph.D.
President, Asian Access

A call to end the war between Russia and Ukraine and to pray for peace!

Evangelical leaders in Asia condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and call for an immediate end to the attacks. We call on the church in Asia to pray for reconciliation and peace between Russia and Ukraine. We call upon churches around the world to pray for restoration and long-term peace.

Join us in sharing your prayers and concerns for Russia and Ukraine!

“We are deeply concerned with the indiscriminate bombings on civilians with destruction and death of innocent human life including women and children.  We pray for protection for the millions of refugees fleeing into Europe.  There is no justification for the attacks!  We pray for Ukraine!  We pray for Russia! We pray for a peaceful resolution between the leaders of these two countries.”

Rev David Ro
Chair of Asia 2020 Congress,
Regional Director for the Lausanne Movement - East Asia 

"Just like in any war in history, in Ukraine, children suffered the most.  No matter which country spent the largest amount of money to finance this war, children in Ukraine paid the highest price.  The church can not effort to stand on the side while millions of Ukrainian Children are suffering because of this war.  I believe in the power of prayer.  May God uses each one of us to be the answer for our prayers for the people of Ukraine.”

Dr. Bambang Budijanto
General Secretary of the Asia Evangelical Alliance 

“O sovereign Lord, our everlasting God who is over all nations, dominions, and powers, we stand before your throne of grace.  Our hearts are broken with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  We beseech your intervention for peace and freedom.  We pray that your justice will prevail.  We pray for the laying down of weapons. We pray that your Word will bring comfort, peace, and reconciliation.  We pray for the two million refugees who have fled the country.  We pray for those in fear.  We pray for their safety.  We pray for the world leaders that you will give them wisdom and discernment to make wise decisions to bring the war to an end.  Lord have mercy on us, we pray in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.” 

Rev. Dr. Patrick Fung
International Board member, Lausanne Movement,
General Director of OMF International

“We strongly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It is a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty as a nation. The war, which has caused massive devastation and the loss of innocent lives in Ukraine, has to stop! We join in praying for peace and justice to prevail in the region.”

Dr. Theresa R. Lua
General Secretary of Asia Theological Association 

"We urge all Christians across the world to pray for peace, justice and reconciliation in Ukraine and to act sacrificially to care for the suffered ones in light of our hope in the resurrected Christ."

Rev. Dr. David Doong
General Secretary of the Chinese Coordination Council of World Evangelization 

"We condemn in the strongest terms the Russian attack on Ukraine and appeal for an end to this war and call for an unconditional ceasefire. The mounting loss of lives and the escalating suffering of the most vulnerable is heartbreaking as is the plight of the millions of internally displaced people who have been forced to leave their homes just to save their lives. War always exacts a very heavy human cost. We pray that the Church, the international community, and all people of goodwill shall come to the aid of the suffering at this time as well as for the restoration of peace. We continue to pray for the nations of Ukraine and Russia that the issues will be resolved by dialogue which is the only way forward." 

Rev. Vijayesh Lal
General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of India 

“We pray for peace and stability in Ukraine during these troubling times. We also pray for God's protection on the churches, missionaries, and the millions who are displaced due to the war. We pray for restraint and discernment in Russia. May he continue to strengthen and encourage his people in Ukraine.”

Rev. Jaehoon Lee
Chair of the Korea Lausanne,
Senior Pastor of Onnuri Presbyterian Church 

“The war between Russia and Ukraine is the fact that the whole creation of God is mourning and suffering. By the way, we as the people of God are willing to participate in God's work of restoration and reconciliation. I appreciate your leadership to convene the Asian evangelical leaders to pray together and provide things they urgently need. Here is the prayer of Korean churches and Christians for the people of Ukraine and others. Most of the Korean missionaries to Ukraine have been involved in the relief ministry for the Ukrainian refugees. The Korean churches also help the Ukrainians as much as they can.   Heavenly Father, you are the one who creates the world and redeems the broken world and brings peace, reconciliation and divine healing. Amid the suffering and death of innocent people caused by the war in Ukraine, all Korean Christians and churches ask for divine intervention to cease the war and bring peace and restoration to the people and land of Ukraine. We pray you to give us wisdom and courage to take part in helping the people and the refugees in the devastated land. We pray in the name of Jesus." 

Dr. Paul Choi
General Secretary of Korea Lausanne 

"We are deeply concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the bombing of civilians, including children. We strongly hope that President Putin will end the war and withdraw Russian troops, and that the Russian and Ukrainian churches will be used as peacemakers. And we pray earnestly that the distrust and hostility of both sides will be restored to mutual trust and reconciliation by the Lord Jesus."

Dr. Masanori Kurasawa
Chair of Japan Lausanne 

"The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army is a blatant provocation and destruction of the world civilization order, hurting every heart, including the Chinese, who yearn for peace, causing anger! As Christians, we condemn all violence and are shocked and saddened by the destruction of many innocent lives and homes caused by the war! We pray for this war to end as soon as possible and are willing to do our part for peace to come, the comfort of the wounded, and the restoration of order!”

Rev. Ezra Jin
Pastor of Beijing Zion Church 

“We are deeply concerned of the invasion of the Russian invasion into Ukraine. The attack was evil that has brought multiple deaths and widespread destruction. We call upon the Russian leaders to stop the invasion so as not to incur the wrath of God upon their own country. May the mercy of God be upon the people of Ukraine and Russia!”

Rev. Gordon Siu
Advisory Pastor of North Point Alliance Church, Hong Kong 

“Nothing good comes out of a war rather death, hatred, destruction, therefore we pray that no party should attempt to impose their will through use of might but to resolve differences through negotiation and in a spirit of generosity. “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God”. We pray for all world leaders involved to seek peaceful resolution at the earliest. We pray for God’s favour and intervention for those affected by this terrible and unnecessary war."

Wati Longkumer
General Secretary of India Missions Association 

“This death and destruction must stop! We are earnestly praying in Sri Lanka for God's intervention.”

Ajith Fernando
Teaching Director of Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka

“Protect Ukraine from the agony of war and expedite its withdrawal from Russia. Pray that Russia, which has invaded Ukraine, will quickly withdraw its troops. May the war in Ukraine end soon and there will be no more casualties.”

Rev. Ki-sung Yoo
Senior Pastor of Good Shepherd Church in Korea 

“The heart of God and our hearts are deeply grieved by the humanly inflicted suffering of innocent people through an unjustified war. Therefore, we are uniting in prayer and calling for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Ukraine. We pray and call for those who have initiated this violence to stand down and seek a peaceful resolution (Mathew 5:9).”

Dr. Finny Philips
International Board Member of the Lausanne Movement,
Principal of Filadelfia Bible College, Udaipur, India

As the body of Christ, we grieve this war that Russia has waged against the people of Ukraine.  We mourn the deaths of innocent lives on both sides who don't support the war but are forced to sacrifice their lives. We pray for the peacemakers amongst the Churches who will work for God’s justice, peace, reconciliation and love. We pray for nations to open their borders to welcome the refugees fleeing this war.  We pray for a miraculous change of hearts from the world leaders to act with wisdom,  courage and justice.  May they choose peace and humanity.

Pranitha Timothy and Rev. Chadwick Mohan
Co-Regional Directors of the Lausanne Movement - South Asia

What can we do? Join other Asia Evangelical leaders in sharing your concerns and prayers on

Join us!

Asia Evangelical Alliance leaders will be praying for Ukraine.


Asia Evangelical Alliance would like to invite all our members (the National Evangelical Alliances and the Associate Members) to pray for the people of Ukraine, especially the children, women and the elderly, both inside the country and those seeking protection outside of Ukraine.  Let's unite our hearts, cry out to the Lord for a few minutes for the people of Ukraine and for the churches in Ukraine.  People can decide wether to pray individually or together with other people.  We will come to the Lord together on March 14, 2022, at 14.00 (2.00 PM), Bangkok Time Zone.


If your National Alliance, Church Networks, Denomination, Organization, your local church or yourself would like to  make financial contributions to help the victims of this war, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I could share with you the contact details and bank account of some Pastors (church/ministries) who are currently helping the displace people, unaccompanied children, and refugees inside Ukraine.  You could send your financial contributions directly to them through Western Union.


Please share this invitation to STOP FOR A MOMENT, TO STOP EVIL AND SUFFERING THROUGH A JOINT PRAYERS, to as many brothers and sisters in Christ within your networks. Let’s Mercy flows.

Contact your Asia Evangelical Alliance director for more information.

Asia2020 is a network of Asian Evangelical leaders associated with the Lausanne Movement and the World Evangelical Alliance.  The Asia 2021 and Asia 2022 Congresses are co-hosted by  Asia Evangelical Alliance, Asia Lausanne, Asia Theological Association, and endorsed by CCCOWE and Asian Access.  

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