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Hello Friends!

It is Easter week here, and I am in Warsaw, Poland where we've been meeting with leaders representing the Persecuted Church.

Coming Alongside the Persecuted Church & Ukraine

joe warsaw 2Asian Access has been working with various groups to help leaders face the kind of troubles and trials and challenges they face. It's been a sobering week as we've met many from the Ukraine who have come in and shared their stories, and many are taking supplies back this very day to the front lines where we were supposed to meet in Kyiv this week. But because of the war, we had to pivot, and we're as close as we can be so we can identify with our friends and see some of them.

We've been learning a lot to benefit the work of Asian Access. It's just a poignant reminder of the work that Christ did and his suffering as I sit and watch brothers and sisters who are facing trials because of their faith.

Thank You for Your Partnership, Prayers, and Support

I want to thank you for your partnership in the Gospel. As these brothers and sisters have shared their stories, they always end with a message of hope that the challenge in the Ukraine, God is in charge and ultimately has a positive outcome just like he does through his resurrection. 

Celebrating & Compelled by Christ's Finished Work

This week as we celebrate the work that Christ has done—this great resurrection that brings us hope and faith in Christ—I want to say thank you for standing with us as we stand by leaders facing persecution—as we stand by Christ-followers that are doing their best to get the word out there in the midst of the pressures they face.

God bless you and Happy Easter!


God bless you,

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Rev. Joseph W. Handley, Jr., Ph.D.
President, Asian Access

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