LEORI just met with A2/Bangladesh country leader, Leor Sarker, here in Singapore. As you may have heard Asian Access launched our first leader development session in his country a few weeks ago and he is very encouraged about what is happening.

These two words "Engaging" and "Interactive" were the ones he used to describe the first session with Adrian De Visser, Vice President for Partnership Development, and Richard Brohier, A2 faculty member. Leor said that typically leader development in-country involves one-way communication: the faculty tell pastors what to learn. However, he pointed out that this session was unique in that it involved a significant amount of two-way communication.

This highlights an important aspect of the Asian Access model: We create a 'Vibrant Learning Community' because the pastors chosen for the sessions are already capable leaders. As they come together in a cohort with other pastors, they grow from the interaction with both the faculty and one another. From this they build a vibrant community that holds a kingdom perspective for the work of the Church in their country and the expansion of God's work across Asia.

Pleas pray for Pastor Leor as he leads the Baptist Union in-country and as he partners with Peter Mazumder in leading Asian Access/Bangladesh. And please pray for the country of Bangladesh. It is a country where prayer is greatly needed.

 For His Kingdom,

 Engaging! Interactive!

Engaging! Interactive!Engaging! Interactive!Engaging! Interactive!Engaging! Interactive!