Dr. Peter Chao, president of Eagles Communications and Asian Access Council of Reference member, spoke at the National Pastors' Conference in Japan in late November 2011. He shared some wonderful lessons on leadership renewal using the metaphor of an estuary.

While you can review online his full presentation and his personal report as well, a few points struck me that reinforce our vision "to see a vibrant community of servant leaders… leading the church across Asia":

  • The best leadership principles are biblical values
  • Leaders must always be thinking for the future
  • The emerging generation that is successful respects the current generation
  • The current generation seeks every way possible to empower the next generation
  • Everyone is important: whether a current or an emerging generation
  • A failure in leadership renewal is a failure to take the Gospel to the next generation

At Asian Access, we have found that two things are powerful forces in leading the church with vision, character and competence:

  1. Living in a Love Relationship with God
  2. Living and Learning in a Vibrant Community of Servant Leaders

Both these aspects were highlighted by Dr. Chao in this powerful presentation of how to sustain ministry and leadership for the long haul. Many thanks to Peter for sharing these insights for pastors across Japan!

For His Kingdom,

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