A2/Cambodia just graduated Class 4 and the stories of life change from the pastors were powerful. Many of them personally asked me to thank you for investing in them. As they shared the stories of transformation, it reminded me of Asian Access return on investment. We hope to see pastors for a lifetime who live out the Essence of Asian Access.

ROI for A2/Cambodia   ROI for A2/Cambodia

Here are a few markers of their life change when I asked them, "How has Asian Access helped you?":

"Asian Access helped me develop skills for this phase of ministry."

"Asian Access trains in community thus we grew together and now focus on the big picture rather than just our own churches."

"Asian Access fosters good relationships across denominational lines."

"Through Asian Access, our family grew closer and our lives are more integrated."

"We grew in character because of Asian Access."

"We are now training our denominations and church planters with the same model of transformation."

"There is now no more competition between churches… We promote each other and keep God first."

"Asian Access is very different from any other training program… It brings us together."

Thank you for investing in these pastors and helping to "unite the church, multiply leaders and congregations, and extend the transforming power of the Gospel."

For His Kingdom,

ROI for A2/Cambodia

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ROI for A2/CambodiaROI for A2/CambodiaROI for A2/CambodiaROI for A2/Cambodia