A few months ago, the national director of the A2 program in his Asian country asked me if I know how to send missionaries from a church.

I said, "Well, that’s something I’ve done for over a decade"  (almost 20 years, in fact).

He said, "We’re now looking to send missionaries from our church to other parts of our country but we don’t know how".

I then shared with him, “I have the perfect book for you and I’m happy to help you contextualize its content and walk you through the process.”


The thrilling part is that the church in Asia is actively pursuing the Great Commission, sending their own folks to the least reached corners of the world!  The other fun thing is that the book was written by our former president, Steve Hoke.

  Stephen T. Hoke, Ph.D.

It’s great to know that one of our own family has produced such a significant resource.  Steve's shared with me that he’s updating the book, even as I draft this blog. How cool is that! I can’t wait to see the revised edition.

Send Me book coverThe title of the book is Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations and it’s an outstanding resource! Steve is such a great guy and has produced this amazing tool for the kingdom, as well as trained several generations of leaders over the course of many years now. He currently works as VP of People Development at Church Resource Ministries.

I’m blessed to walk in the footsteps of men like Steve who have given their all to complete the task the Lord has given us to reach the nations.

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p.s. - We still have a few more copies of Send Me! in our Los Angeles headquarters This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. . . or you can order a copy directly through the William Carey Library at USCWM by calling (626) 398-2236; or online at Caleb Resources.

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Steve Hoke indicates in his comment below:

  • "SEND ME! will be republished in Aug'09 by InterVarsityPress as The Handbook of Christian Missions: Your Guide to Cross-Cultural Service, and will be featured as one of the Book of the Day selections at Urbana/St Louis 2009."
  • If you want to contact Steve, here's how:
    • Steve Hoke, CRM email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel. (909) 319-8003