Day 3 @ Cape Town 2010

The reality and power of reconciliation served as the tapestry of day three here in Cape Town. It began with a wonderful inductive study and exposition of Ephesians 2. "Though we were once dead in sin... now, because of his great mercy, we are alive in Christ... We were once far off... now we have been brought near... We are no longer strangers and aliens but fellow citizens." Oh the riches of Christ and his extravagant love to bring us back to him.

The day was filled with stories of reconciliation happening around the world. The story of the genocide in Rwanda and the lessons learned by the church. The story of Jewish Christians and Palestinian Christians standing side by side in peace - even when abandoned by family for choosing to follow Christ. The story of slavery in India and injustice with the Dalits.

The answer according to Brenda Salter McNeil is that this generation is looking to the church as the solution. She charged the church to take seriously the issues of our day and demonstrate that we are a new act of creation.

Jesus, the ultimate man of peace, showed us by example through proclamation and demonstration. What Renee Padilla DeBorst referred to as the "most powerful testimony" being "reconciled relationships". She charged us to "pledge ultimate allegiance to the Lord of history - the Only Prince of Peace". As we do, "God fashions his community into a poem, a work of art." - Ephesians 2:10

Finally my good friend, Labib Madanat had this to say about reconciliation, "When you love you can see!" May we all have the love of Jesus so that our eyes can be opened and we can reach out to others with the peace that He has shown to us.

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