Day 7 @ #CapeTown2010

Paul EshlemanFriday was quite a day as we focused on the remaining task in reaching the world for Christ. Paul Eshelman, formerly with The Jesus Film, presented data on what has recently been called "The Unengaged" — those with the least opportunity to hear about Jesus because there is no known group focused on reaching them.

Paul presented some 632 remaining groups to be adopted for outreach with the hope that by the end of this Congress many would be prayerfully considered for adoption... and as Doug Birdsall prayed at the beginning of the Congress that by the time of the next Lausanne, no more groups would remain unreached.

A powerful video was shown giving a terrific overview of the current state of mission in the world. One interesting statistic showed that of the 100,000 missionaries in the world today, only 3% of them serve with unengaged people groups — those with no witness to Christ in their midst.

The questions Paul posed were:

  • Where is the Church not present today?
  • What are we going to do about it?

Definitely food for thought.

As I've been sharing regular updates from Lausanne's Cape Town 2010, what are your thoughts?  What has struck you?

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