Disciple-Making Happens Best in Community

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00070 00121Last week, Asian Access hosted our latest session in Sri Lanka. Our focus was on disciple-making and while there was a great deal of conversation and learning together about discipleship, one of the core distinctions of this week was the importance of making disciples within community.

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Pastor Garrick Hanger from Rolling Hills Covenant Church highlighted this as part of his teaching. He highlighted how leading others to follow Jesus and learning to follow Christ ourselves can only be done in the context of community. He stated:

"This cannot be done alone... We need the body of Christ!"

Virukshan Perera summarized the week this way:

"Had an amazing time in the spirit with pastors around the country from various denominations committed to Love Jesus. Such a blessed fellowship to be a part of even as we pray and work together beyond denominational, ethnic and national boundries to take the Love of God to Asia and beyond."

I was so inspired by the leaders this week. Many of them have faced persecution for their commitment to Christ: some have been beaten, others their churches were burned down, and several have been harassed. In the midst of these trials, they have stood firm and it is in the midst of this vibrant community that they are growing deeper together and seeking to better disciple-makers in the midst of their communities.

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Do you practice disciple-making in your community? If so, what have you learned?


Joe Handley

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P.S. - Here are a few more images from the week...

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