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Powerful Life Change & Persecution

As I've been in South Asia the last three weeks, I've heard story after story of powerful life change! Several pastors shared about the persecution they face: some have been chased, beaten, and their churches have been burned. Country after country contained numerous stories toward this end. Sadly, several of the countries are even facing greater degrees of religious intolerance from their governments. 

Pastor G, pictured here with me, shared about the difficulties he faces in his country and how grateful he was for Asian Access. He shared that the deeper fellowship among the A2 pastors gives him strength to face the pressures and persecution that comes his way. Over and above this, he said:

"Joe, Asian Access changed my family life!"


Devotion to Family Now

He described how before Asian Access he was devoted to ministry and neglected his family but since graduating his marriage is stronger and he does a much better job of caring for his family.


Reproducing Other Leaders

Furthermore, Pastor G has now developed eight other leaders within his church and formed 10 cell groups (small groups that are designed to reproduce). All of this helps build the work of Christ in his nation as these cell groups are perfectly designed to foster church planting. He told my wife that his church has planted many churches in the villages surrounding his city.


Seeing More Fruit

In the last 7 months alone, he has seen more than 100 people come to Christ through his church. Perhaps the persecution he and others are facing is simply not working as a means of suppressing the advance of Jesus Church. I've heard this many times before that when pressure and persecution come, the Church simply grows stronger.

I know for certain that I'm impressed by leaders like Pastor G! He represents several I have met these last few weeks in South Asia. I'm proud of them and I trust that you will pray for them along with me.

If you'd like to support a persecuted pastor like Pastor G to empower them, you can learn more here.

Thanks for praying,

Joe Handley