00073 00133Pictured here with me are two Lamas who decided to follow Jesus! Their story was amazing!

The older gentleman had been a Tibetan Buddhist Lama for nearly 30 years and spent most of his life preparing dead bodies for the next reincarnation. He frequently wondered whether or not this really helped and often thought of what the afterlife might have in store for him.

His wife became ill and nothing he tried would heal her. He tried all the magic that a typical Buddhist priest would try to no avail. After many months of her illness, his daughter met some kids at a Christian Children's Home. She loved playing with those girls and the inspirational worship. She was so enthralled that she attended their church a few times.

Later she told her father,

"Please come with me to church. This is very very good. And maybe they can help mom."

After months of refusing to attend, he became curious and took his wife with him. That day, his wife was healed of her ailment and he soon thereafter committed his life to Jesus.

He's found peace like he never experienced before and after learning to follow Jesus this past year, he developed a passion for many villages where there is no church. Many from these towns and villages will walk 4-5 miles to attend church and while I visited him, they inaugurated a new church plant with him as the pastor. He's being discipled by the leader of Asian Access: a leader reproducing other leaders. Already 27 people have come to Christ and been baptized in his community and he plans to see church fellowships start in all the villages around his region. What a vision! What a transformation!

A2's focus on reproducing disciple-making leaders has captured this lama's heart. And now he'll be dedicating his life to this cause in one of the most difficult places to serve. He'll be under constant threat due to his bold stance. He knows the heart of his people and I foresee many coming to Christ, several leaders developed and many churches being planted due to his strategic placement by God.

What a powerful story of transformation leading to multiplied transformation!

Pray for him as he steps out in faith to serve Christ among those who will no doubt persecute him!


Joe Handley