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Pastor PoSan Ung shares how pastors in the Asian Access program multiply the training


"And the things you’ve heard me share, pass along to others”

– 1 Timothy 2:2


In this very brief video, PoSan, one of our country resource coordinators shares how the Asian Access training is being multiplied throughout Camobdia. This same story I hear over and over again throughout our ministry. The leverage in focusing on leading pastors is proving tremendous. Why? Because these pastors are passing on what they have learned to other congregations and leaders throughout the country.


One mission leader told me, “Joe, you are training the field marshals of the church! These pastors are influencing the next generation of pastors in a multiplying manner – training the ground troops across their nation. You must expand this ministry to new countries as the need in Asia is so great.”


Listen to Posan as he shares this important principle.


P.S. - To read a transcription of this video, please click here.



My name is PoSan.  I am a pastor of a church plant in Boston.  I’ve been involved with Asian Access for about eight years now.  We are in our third class for Asian Access in Cambodia.  I had hoped to bring this program into the country.  I want to share with you a story just so you can see the impact Asian Access has for the pastors in this country.


The recent trip I just had gave me a chance to visit one of the pastors from our second class, pastor Kin Kuan, at a province, more of a countryside part of Cambodia.  While I was there he was really excited to have me visit and at the end of the worship he showed me a group of leaders that is impacting his training from around that region.  These are church planters, church leaders and he has them coming for studies on Thursday, every Thursday.  He’s excited about the lesson that he received from Asian Access and it’s been a beautiful witness to see what God is doing in that country.


Lastly, I just want to thank you for your prayers and for your support and praise the Lord for your work and your partnership in the Gospel. 


Here’s a quick video greeting from me at Narita Airport, following three days of meetings with our A2 leadership team.

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 This week, you’ll hear from Pastor JE again as he shares about Asian Access in Southern India. As you know, we have a passion for church multiplication and Jeyakaran shares how the ministry has impacted his own life in this arena. He started in ministry as a church planter who multiplied his church but overtime lost momentum for starting new churches. Listen to his video below and see how Asian Access helped re-ignite his original vision...

Atlas of Global Christianity

A2 sponsors a great new global resourceThe Center for the Study of Global Christianity has produced a new resource, The Atlas of Global Christianity.

This resource has such great potential for those of us in mission, that we’re sponsoring it. I commend the work of Dr. Todd Johnson, director of the center, and his research team and recommend you take a look at this worthy resource. Be sure to check out the 60% off pre-publication discount coupon below...

Jeyakaran Emmanuel from Chennai in South IndiaToday, listen to Pastor JE from Chennai, India share how Asian Access is making a difference! In this video Jeyakaran will share how Asian Access is investing in pastors through their character development. This work is foundational as a leader in the church because in order to make disciples, a leader must first be a disciple – one who is deeply rooted in his relationship with Jesus Christ.

This week’s blog has a video clip of a fun baby shower game... Of course, for those of us eating the baby food, I’m not sure how much “fun” it really was. Check out the video clip and you’ll be sure to get a laugh.

As for the celebration, our colleague, Tsuneya Kiguchi and his wife had a new baby and we held a party for them. Their new daughter is named Mioko which has a beautiful meaning. It means “a person who walks with God” or “a person who chooses to obey God as a priority.” What a beautiful name!

It’s so fun to celebrate a newborn’s life. It’s a refreshing reminder of our new life with Christ. That’s why I love the name Mioko so much. When we put our faith in Christ, we have a new set of priorities. We begin a journey of walking with God and choosing to obey him as our first love. It brings a freshness to our life and frees us from the bondage of our past.

We welcome baby Mioko Kiguchi into our family and likewise we are eager to see new babies being born in Christ throughout Asia. What a great day of celebration and what a great reminder of the purpose God has given us as a mission: to see new life in Christ multiplied through vibrant communities of faith across the continent.

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