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Ever since Tuesday, 1/12/10, you may have noticed that I’ve been posting news about my friend, Dan Woolley, a Compassion International staff worker in Haiti who served as a student intern of mine when I worked at Azusa Pacific University.

Dan’s story has captured the hearts of thousands and is an illustration of hope in the midst of catastrophic disaster. If you haven’t heard or seen Dan’s story, you can see part of it here... 

Our vision at Asian Access is “to see a vibrant community of servant leaders with vision, character and competence leading the church across Asia” and it has been encouraging to see the Church rise up in the midst of such devastation in Haiti. While we are committed to Asia, we desire to see this type of servant leadership emerging worldwide as a witness for Christ.

A few of our core values in pursuing this vision are the values of networking,generosity and partnership. To this end, we are part of a larger community of missions committed to reaching the world for Christ by taking the “whole Gospel to the whole world.”

First, we belong to a network of ministries called The Mission Exchange which is working with CrossGlobal-Link to provide a network of resources and information for the disaster in Haiti. To connect with their work, you can learn more at:

Asian Access is also firmly committed to the principle of generosity.  Another accountability network we participate in, the ECFA, has setup a few great links to help out with the relief effort in Haiti. If you’re looking for a ministry to help in this effort, the following links should prove useful. These are ministries that have integrity and are run by solid principles developed by the ECFA: Check out these opportunities...

Pray for the people of Haiti and for the Church as it stands up to provide relief, rebuild lives and extend the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For His kingdom,

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Asian Access brings paradigm shifts for Mongolian pastor

Pastor Batbold, A2•Mongolia Class 2 grad, current working team memberAt the recent Asian Access•Mongolia class 4 graduation, I listened to Pastor Batbold share his appreciation for Asian Access and the impact it is making in his own life and ministry.

Pastor Batbold graduated from class 2 and is now a "working team" member for Asian Access•Mongolia. He is giving back to this movement from which he has benefitted.  And he sees A2 contributing to the Church in Mongolia...

Mongolia Oct 2009

Inspirational... that is how I describe my recent time in Mongolia and another country. I was in Mongolia as a faculty member for the final session of our fourth class of pastors and the outcome was simply inspirational! Many of the twelve graduating pastors developed similar plans as Pastor Sundui (pictured here). Sundui, led by the Lord through the Asian Access program, developed plans to start 500 churches and see 10,000 people come to Christ in the next eight...




De Visser delivers powerful message to students

Biola University’s Torrey Memorial Bible Conference focused on the theme of “Suffering” this fall and Adrian De Visser, Pastor at Kithu Sevana Church and Ministries and Asian Access Vice-President for Partnership Development, spoke on Hope in the Midst of Suffering. Reports abound from across the campus of the powerful impact of Pastor Adrian’s message, so much so that word got out to a friend of mine and local mission pastor at a well-known Southern California church. He later expressed how honored he was to meet Adrian after we were able to pull together a meeting a few days later.

The message was so powerful that I thought you might appreciate the opportunity to watch the message so here it is. I hope you experience the same sense of hope that swept the Biola campus a few weeks ago as you watch this videoblog.  It's well-worth the time you set aside to watch this clip.

Adrian De Visser: "Bringing Hope in the Midst of Suffering" (64 minutes)


Pastor Fumio Terada and me during the 2009 pastor's vision tour in the North WestAs fall has now moved into full swing, I thought you might enjoy a few glimpses of the last few months in ministry (especially for our work in Japan)...


It’s been a vibrant summer for us at Asian Access and we celebrate the fruit of our relationships as well as the fruit of the ministry.


Mission Family BBQ


In Los Angeles, our Asian Access family gathered...

In this quick video report, Chinzorig shares the story of his friend, Pastor Ariunbold. When I met Ariunbold, every time I turned around he would pound his chest and say in broken English, “Joe, me servant!” Each time he was doing something sacrificial for either me or one of the other people we visited. This constant servanthood touched me so I asked Ariunbold why he volunteers his time to recruit pastors and coordinate the ministry.

Ariunbold said,

“Joe, when I joined Asian Access, all I wanted to do was grow my own church, and I thought I would learn some tips and techniques from American Church Growth ideas to grow my church. The problem was that’s not what Asian Access offered. Instead, they taught me about deepening my walk with Christ, how to carry that into the lives of my congregation (discipleship) and offered me a vision to impact my country and the world.”

Since graduating Ariunbold has now planted five other churches and those five have reproduced themselves to plant 13 other churches. It’s quite a story and our Country Leader, Chinzorig shares a little of this story and impact in the video below.

At the end of my time with Ariunbold, he said to me, “Joe, there are Mongolians that live in Russia, Kazakhstan, another neighboring country and South Korea.” Then, practically grabbing my collar, he says, “And we need to reach them for the gospel!” I thought right then and there that that was why God called me to Asian Access, to come alongside a whole new generation of Ariunbolds throughout Asia and finish our part in reaching the world for Christ. For me, it doesn’t get any better than this!

P.S. - If you're reading this post on Facebook, you'll need to click "View Original Post" in order to watch the video clip.



Hello, I am Chinzorig.  I am a pastor of Emmanuel Assembly, and I work with Asian Access.  I’m the national director for Asian Access/Mongolia.  I’ve been in the first class and now I’m privileged to work as a staff for Asian Access.  And now we have the fourth class of Asian Access, in the middle of its training.  I would like to share a couple of encouraging stories for you – to be encouraged in the Lord.

The first one is my close friend, who is actually on our staff now.  His story is amazing.  He has an amazing heart for the Lord, and he has actually traveled to all the 21 provinces in Mongolia with the Gospel, and he started churches and started making disciples and now he oversees some of them.  He received his teaching on organic church and house church movements and now he’s done a great job traveling to different nations even, like including South Korea ministering to Mongols there, and also he goes to Buryatia now to cooperate with the Russian church and also works with the Buryatan church reaching Buryat people with the Gospel.  He carries this message of organic church, you know, a simple church but very effective church and that’s his value now.  Wherever he goes the people are encouraged there.  They go more into a simple lifestyle, but quite effective lifestyle with low cost, but true discipleship and just a great job.

My second story would be one of my friends again.  He was really touched by one of the sessions on [the] “Father Heart of God.”  Now that message has become his own message and now he takes this message to every church, to every Christian.  He is the message bearer of Father Heart of God.  And because of his ministry and preaching, many people reconcile with their fathers and inner healing and relationship restoration and family restoration happens, so I would like to thank you all who are giving to Asian Access and supporting us with prayer.  God bless you.



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Joe Handley | My bio

Ever since joining Asian Access as president in 2008, I've been having the time of my life. In this blog, I hope to share some stories that will encourage you to engage with this ministry. At Asian Access, we change the few, who change the many.

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