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Joe and Cambodian friendMy colleague and friend Meng Aun Hour directs the Asian Access work in Cambodia. God has used Meng in powerful ways that have impacted many developing lives. One of Meng’s mentorees is a young minister who came to his ministry calling in a very unusual way. Here is his story… This young man grew up in a nice family, but fell into a life of drug addiction. He would steal from his own parents to feed his drug habits. Finally, his parents kicked him out of the home. One night, he broke into a home to steal items to resell for drugs. But this time, the family woke up and called the police. Rushing to the home, the police had the young man trapped behind a door. He prayed, Lord, if you get me out of this mess, I’ll dedicate my life to serving you. The police opened the door and looked the boy right in the face—but they never saw...


Dr. Steve Hoke & Takeshi TakazawaWhat a thrill it was participating in the final 50th anniversary celebration in Japan late November. Voices from across the lifespan of our ministry shared perspectives on what God has done and what we anticipate in the future. Most moving of all was one of my predecessors, former president Dr. Steve Hoke (above), who shared a passionate call for the people of Japan. As he stared out his window overlooking Tokyo in Shinjuku, he wept over the lost people realizing how few knew Jesus. Then he shared his vision which was initially given by his father, renown pastor and missionary Dr. Don Hoke“Japan is the key to Asia!”

A2 Happy New Year 2018Happy New Year, Everyone!

2018 is a big year for Asian Access. We just completed our Jubilee Celebration in 2017 and one of the signature focal points of 2018 is sustainability. Our national directors meeting spent an entire 4 days focused on the topic and built upon the theory we’ve been pursuing for many years. For quite some time, we defined sustainability to include the following: 1.) Local Leadership; 2.) Local faculty; 3.) Local resources...

EV1 final title slide 2017 04 25 flat 700pxHey it's been an awesome year with Asian Access this past year as we've celebrated 50 years of ministry. We have had so much fun and seen amazing growth. And one of the exciting initiatives from this past year, we have released this new copy of Eastern Voices, which starts a series that we're really excited about. We believe the global Church can learn from those in Asia, who have a lot to share with us. You should see the reviews we are getting on Why don't you go there, download a copy, and read a couple chapters. Check it out and give us a review. Tell us what you think. So far the reviews are amazing. And we'd love to hear what you have to share, as well...

What an exciting year 2017 has proven to be. Asian Access celebrated 50 years of ministry, our year of Jubilee. 2017 has been a phenomenal launching pad for the coming year. Thank you for praying for us and for giving. As you think about it and pray about it, please consider giving to our new matching challenge. You know the work that God has in store for us in the coming years in Japan alone is amazing. The leaders there have vision to reach 2% of the population, and...

Warm Christmas greetings to you, dear friends! Jesus is our greatest gift. But you have also been a gift to us. We thank you for your love and prayers. We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from ourselves, as well as from the entire Asian Access community. God bless you and Merry Christmas! We want to share...




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Ever since joining Asian Access as president in 2008, I've been having the time of my life. In this blog, I hope to share some stories that will encourage you to engage with this ministry. At Asian Access, we change the few, who change the many.

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