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You've now seen Missions Maker Magazine. It's a great resource! And we're glad you've visiting to learn more about us. Here are some of the links you're probably most interested in...

North American churches that want to partner with Asian Access...

to help train Asian pastors... [Go...]

Short-Term (2-6 weeks)


EnVision | 10-14 days or longer

Do you already possess a strong sense of God's call to overseas ministry? Are you now trying to discern where, with whom and in what capacity? EnVision is designed to allow you to experience what it's like to be an Asian Access missionary in Japan. Serve alongside active missionaries, meet Japanese ministry partners, assist in evangelism, and experience firsthand our strategy for planting new churches. Take the opportunity to explore Japan, Asian Access, and God's call on your life.


J-Teams | 1-6 weeks

Your church or school can send a team of 3-5 persons to help a Japanese church grow! Work directly with a team of Japanese Christians from a local church in reaching out to their community. Teach English and use your gifts, abilities and testimonies to assist that church in establishing relationships with unbelievers in its community.

Mid-Term (1-3 years)

Church Planting Associates

Church Planting Associates | 1-3 Years

Be a part of something bigger than yourself. Invest 1-3 years as a Church Planting Associate helping a new Japanese church grow! While ministering in a Japanese church, you will also meet regularly with an experienced church planting missionary. In the process, learn how to plant a church. Teach English conversation and use your own unique gifts and abilities to help your church to plant another congregation. What better way can you spend a year or more after school? And you thought you were done learning. (No, you just started. This is Missions 101.)

Long-Term (4+ years)

Church Planting Missionary | 4+ Years

So you've got some experience and feel called to Japan? You're in it for the long haul – hard core church planting in the trenches? Well that's great because Japan needs you and many more just like you. Church planting is not enough because it only adds churches. But Japan needs churches multiplied in an exponential way. Church Multiplication Teams is all about doing this in a way that honors the Japanese leadership. CM Teams involves networks of like-minded pastors and missionaries, where leaders are developed and churches are multiplied.

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