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The A2 Community is comprised of people who share the same vision and mission.

Background Information:

I was born and raised in Arkansas, USA, and became a believer at 15 years old. Many years were spent in my church’s worship band, and in women’s, student’s and children’s ministry. I spent weeks each summer for 5 years serving on Native American reservations in South Dakota, USA. I served in west Asia for two summers. I love learning languages, singing and playing guitar, and caring for others. I like to spend my time outdoors, enjoying a sweet snack, or showing my friends different personality tests to take and finding out more about them.

Ministry Assignment:

Missional Partner Associate since 2022

My present ministry assignment is church planting and multiplication, as well as various ministries within my church.

Background Information:

I was born and raised in Southern California in a church that has a strong global vision. When I was a senior in high school, I realized that I wanted nothing else than to spend my life in global ministry. I started praying, asking questions, and exploring what that could potentially look like in my life and after a few short-term trips to various countries, I started praying for a specific country, and the Lord impressed Japan on my heart. Before spending 10 weeks in Japan in 2017, I wrote a list of 10 prayers and asked God to answer all of them if He was leading to Japan for future ministry - He answered all 10 prayers and so here I am! (it definitely wasn’t a completely smooth journey between 2017 and today…i.e. the coronavirus, among other things, but He leads in His sovereign time :) ) 

Ministry Assignment:

Missional Partner Associate since 2020

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thilini de visserThilini De Visser was born and raised in Sri Lanka. Thilini was exposed to the world of ministry through her parents involvement as founding pastors of an indigenous church in Sri Lanka. She was also introduced to the global mission field in her early years through Asian Access. Thilini always felt called by God to work among young Christian leaders in Asia. She received her Bachelors in Psychology at Biola University in California, and went on to work at the global engagement department at a mega church in Southern California. She then returned to Sri Lanka and led the Youth work at Kithu Sevana Ministries. She has also been involved in youth leader development work in Cambodia, a country that has become very dear to her heart. Thilini is currently based in Sri Lanka.  

Joe HandleyBiographical Profile: Joseph W. Handley, Jr., President, Tokyo, Japan

Rev. Joseph W Handley, Jr., Ph.D. is currently president of Asian Access and serves ex-officio on the Board of Directors. Joe is a seasoned mission leader with over 30 years of global experience. Born and raised in Southern California, he received a B.A. in psychology and an M.A. in theology from Azusa Pacific University. In 2020, he completed a Ph.D. in intercultural studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. Joe served nine years at Azusa Pacific University as the founding director of their Office of World Missions and director of one of the first multi-national high school mission congresses in Mexico City in 1996. In 1998 the Lord called him to Rolling Hills Covenant Church where he served as the Global Outreach Pastor and shortly thereafter as Associate Pastor for Outreach Ministries. In July of 2008, Joe answered God’s call becoming the fourth president of Asian Access, a developer of Christ-like leaders seeking to accelerate Christ-centered movements around the world...

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josh headshot 1 150x150pxJOSHUA KIDWELL grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to Greenville, South Carolina to attend Holmes Bible College. His desire was to learn more about the Bible and understand more about what he believed. During his time in college he felt called to foreign missions, but had no idea where until a missionary from Japan came to his church to share. It was then that he started studying more about Japan and eventually felt God calling him to serve there. 

jess headshot 1 150x150pxJESSICA KIDWELL grew up in Greenville, South Carolina and served as a summer missionary in Arizona for 2 years. She attended North Greenville University to study missions with the intention of going back to Arizona, but during her time in college, God placed a burden on her heart for the people of Japan and there was no way to ignore the desire to help the people of Japan.


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