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Bio: Michael L. Wilson


mlw 500pxBackground Info:

After working 12 years for NASA, Mike was called to Asia to continue his work of disciple multiplication.

Michael and Mary Jo met in Southern California shortly after each had recently returned from short-term mission trips to Asia. The Wilson family first arrived in Japan in June of 1994 when son Brandon was an infant and Stacia was a small child.

God blessed the Wilsons’ missional partnerships in the Mt. Everest of Missions and several new churches were started and several disciples were won who then won others to Christ and trained to multiply evangelistically.

Mike held an MA in Intercultural Studies and DMiss with an emphasis in disciple and church multiplication from Biola University (2010).


Ministry Focus:

Since Mike wrote about his specialty “Disciple Multiplication and Church Growth” in Exponential Culture (see right) the Lord had opened up many diverse doors of ministry. Mike wrote the book for the “big money, little persecution church” and the Japanese version is titled 「急速に成長する教会」(translated meaning “Very Rapid Church Growth.” Mike continued to conduct training in Japan until illness ultimately slowed him down.

The last several years of Mike's life, his ministry opportunities were in places where the church is poor and suffers persecution. So Mike adapted the book for such conditions and God quickly led it to be translated into Arabic, French, Chinese, Punjabi, Tagalog, and Telugu. Through FaceBook and LinkedIn contacts, Mike was able to share discipleship, church growth, church multiplication, and other curriculum resources to leaders in more countries than he could count. He tried to aid church multiplication movements in a number of countries before he slipped into eternity in December 2018.


Among Mike's "ultimate contributions" are:

  • Two children love God and make Him known wherever they go;
  • The development of new and renewed churches that not only continue to reach many with the Good News of Christ, the Hope of the World, but that also send out domestic and cross-cultural missionaries to take that Hope to many nations.
  • Exponential Culture, his book.


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wilson mike 2016Dec 500px sqareI grew up in a household where PTSD was the norm. Over the years—especially in my youth and early adulthood—I had some counseling as well as healing prayer. Since my freak bike accident trying to get two disciples to the train station and then LAX, I have entered a yearlong journey toward normal function of my arm and shoulder. My custom is to practice meditation on Christ with alertness. During this crisis, God has reminded me of an uncle who committed suicide and a cousin who was killed in a train yard trying to buy drugs. I am confident if this type of making efforts to be mindful of God was not my custom, I would not have “caught” what God was alerting me to. I know that now I have less anxiety about the long journey I am on. If you have only read the New Testament, then you may be surprised to know that the Jews were at times in their history very spiritual and had a custom of meditating on God. When they came back from the exile, they did not want to fall into apostasy again. This is one of the strategies they used to “abide with God.”...

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 Today I had a good talk and prayer time together with a dear brother from India who shares my passion to see believers transformed by God's grace to play their rightful part in meaningful redemptive encounters with unbelievers. He looked over my curriculum for Asia and thought I might be able to teach a class at the seminary where he teaches. We found many parallels in our lives and prayed for fulfillment of one another’s visions and special grace for our families. Both are families are being attacked through our youngest children and we prayed for deliverance...

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My ministry is based on the model presented by Henry and Richard Blackaby and Claude King in Experiencing God (Revised and Expanded Edition 2008). Recently my case study of planting Kiyose Grace Chapel was published by Wipf and Stock in the book The Facilitator Era: Beyond Pioneer Church Multiplication. I've alreadly blogged about the best practices of successful church multipliers from that book. Here's the case study I submitted that eventually morphed into Chapter 4. I would welcome comments or other feedback...

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Savior I come

Quiet my soul


Redemption's hill

When your blood was spilled

For my ransom

Everything I once held as dear

I count it all as loss

Lead me to the Cross

Where your love poured out

Bring me to my knees

Lord, I lay myself down

Rid me of myself

I belong to You

The last 3 years have been some of the hardest of my life. There have been ups and downs for all of us, but there has been one cross that has been particularly heavy. We are grateful for all who pray for us. There have been times my heart has been too heavy to carry by myself. As I meditate on the words of this Hillsong song, the Lord has often ministered to me and reminded me of so many things including the privilege of sharing in his sufferings.

May we all let every circumstance he allows in our lives to push us deeply into the loving bosom of the Lord of all Comfort.

Mike Wilson

 p.s. - If you can't see the video clip, try here: http://www.youtube.com/v/WMJox5-K5jU 

Mike Wilson


Michael L. Wilson


Exponential Culture

Exponential-Culture coverExponential Culture: Believer Transformation Disciple Multiplication

The Japanese version is named 「急速に成長する教会」(translated meaning “Very Rapid Church Growth.”

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