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Church Multiplication in Japan

Church Multiplication Sample Timeline

You start here.

  • Get to know Asian Access.
  • Get to know Japan.
  • Learn a little Japanese.
  • Raise support.
  • Enlist prayer partners.
  • Get your passport.
  • Pack your bags.

12 Months

  • Touch down in Japan.
  • Get involved in a Japanese church.
  • Learn more Japanese.
  • Meet the people.
  • Learn a lot more Japanese.
  • Meet more people.
  • Learn even more Japanese.
  • Meet more people.
  • Speak and learn and study more Japanese.

1 Year 8 Months

  • Break in, warm up, get comfortable.
  • Get to know your team.
  • Become part of a small group in your church.

2 Years

  • By now your Japanese is stronger.
  • Your knowledge of the culture has increased.
  • You have a network of relationships with unbelievers.
  • You're established in a church.
  • You know your team.
  • You've seen God use you in Japanese people's lives.
  • You're ready to begin.

Between 2 – 4 years

  • Take a few months for home leave to generate any additional financial support you may need.
  • Enlist added prayer support before you return to Japan to continue your first Church Multiplication Team effort.

2 years 2 months

  • Start by multiplying the opportunity for the gospel in relationships with unbelievers.
  • Nurture those friendships and glean a harvest of new believers.
  • Gather those friends who respond to the gospel into a small group.

3 years 6 months

  • Over many months you pursue the goal of building new believers into new leaders.
  • Your new leaders join you in the work.
  • Together you repeat the cycle of multiplying, gathering, building and sending.
  • As the number of small groups multiplies, the new groups are gathered together and become a new church.

5 Years

  • The end is the beginning as an expanded team continues the work of church multiplication again and again. You start a new partnership with another church in order to multiply it.

More Information...

Church Multiplication Teams info

Other opportunities to serve:

  • Our missionary programs to Japan:
  • Volunteering in Southern California office
  • Faculty Member (1 teaching trip to Asia every 2 years)

For more info about these service opportunities, contact us directly.

Learn more about life as an Asian Access missionary in Japan...

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