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Network for Good

Please note that online donations are processed by a 3rd party service provider, "Network for Good." This provider deducts a 4.75% fee from each credit card donation (or a $10 fee from each EFT donation from a checking or savings account) to cover their transaction costs, and the balance is sent to the ministry.

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability




U.S. IRS guidelines stipulate that contributions be made with the understanding that Asian Access has complete control and administration over the use of all donated funds.

Options for Giving to Asian Access

Which way to contribute is right for me?

 OPTION A  >>>

   >>> Mail a check to Asian Access:

You can still write and mail checks the traditional way or now arrange to have your online bank or bill service send a check. Please be sure to write the missionary's name or ministry project on your check so it can be allocated to the proper account.

Asian Access | PO Box 3307 | Cerritos CA 90703 USA

 OPTION B  >>>

   >>> Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through Asian Access

You can set up a monthly withdrawal (EFT) deducted from your checking account, and the minimal service fee is folded into the missionary's administration fee. It's completely automatic once set up, though fairly easy to change whenever desired. There are currently no options for periods other than monthly (e.g., quarterly) deductions.

 OPTION C  >>>

   >>> Razoo or Network for Good: Online Credit Card Transaction (one-time)

You can use your credit card online through various agencies, such as "Network for Good," "Facebook/Causes," and "Razoo". All of these agencies will take a 4-5% administration service fee from each contribution.

Give Now!...

 OPTION D  >>>

   >>> Network for Good: Monthly deductions with Credit Card

or from Checking Account

You can set up regular monthly deductions through "Network for Good," which will assess a 4.75% administration fee for each credit card transaction (same as Option C, except it can be done monthly and automatically) or a $10 fee for each contribution made out of your checking account.

Give via... Asian Access

Option A


Option B


Option C


Option D

Online EFT

Admin. fee?
Service fee deducted?
folded into reg. admin. fee
4.75%/credit card transaction
4.75%/card or

$10/chkg acct.

Varied amts?
Varied timing?


  1. If you want to make contributions on a quarterly basis, mailing a personal Check (A) and online Credit Card (C) are the best options. (A) has no service fee, whereas (C) has a 4.75% fee per transaction.
  2. If you want to make contributions as automatically and economically as possible, then monthly EFT via Asian Access (B) from your checking account is the best choice over the long haul, since you're saving on postage.  In other words, if you prefer to do some form of EFT, then Option (B) is a better deal than Option (D).  However, EFT would not be a good option if you think the amount or timing of your contributions will fluctuate often.

More Information...

Find Out More About:

Give Now:

  • Via Razoo: Use the "Give Now!" online form above (online credit card), or...
  • Via Network for Good: online credit card
  • via mail or electronic funds transfer
  • Or, for more information on where to get involved financially write us at donorinfo -at-

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