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The Missionary Experience
The Missionary Experience
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Asian Access Short-Term Mission Opportunities

Japan: Hungry for Christ's Love

How can you impact this nation with tremendous sociological and spiritual needs? North Americans are uniquely qualified to reach the Japanese. Why?

First, our own society is growing more Postmodern, losing any absolutes we once held dear. Takeshi Takazawa, a national leader has said, "In many ways, Japan's mindset compares well to typical Postmodernism, and it has been that way long before we came up with the 'Postmodern' label."

Second, Japan is similar to the West in that it is an affluent nation where money can't buy peace. Symptoms of this spiritual vacuum are obvious -- social turmoil in every city, suicide at all-time highs, scandals are commonplace, traditional religions on the decline.

As a result, there's a hunger for Christ's love that you can bring!

God may use you to help draw this strategic Asian nation to Himself. Are you ready to be used?

Ministry Options for Serving

Short-Term and Long-Term Mission Trips to Japan

There are four ministry programs:

1-2 Week Opportunities in Asia

Los Angeles Office Positions

  • Volunteering in Southern California office
  • Administrative positions in the Southern California office open up occasionally.

Asian Access Creative Team

Our communications department is always looking for volunteers to give assistance to its creative team. Got some free time? If you have some creativity and like to collaborate, then we need you! Got creativity?  Then we need you. [read more...]

For more info about any of these service opportunities, contact us directly.

Alumni Speak Out...

"I’ve not only helped send our people

to Japan through Asian Access,

but I went with them myself.

They are definitely on the cutting
edge of missions in a difficult place.

Asian Access is doing great

things for God in Asia."

Ken Fong

Dr. Ken Uyeda Fong
Pastor, Evergreen Baptist Church,
Los Angeles
Expositor, Urbana 2000

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