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J-Teams: How to Recruit a Team

Steps to Finding Members for Your Team

We can guide you as you recruit interested individuals from your church, school, or group to join your J-Team. First, ask God to provide team members. Then move through these next steps…

1. Define your vision.
After talking to Asian Access and getting all of your questions answered, ask yourself these questions. Why do I want to go to Japan? What part of the ministry sounds exciting to me? What is my vision for how the Lord could use my team in Japan?

2. Share your vision with church leaders or school staff members.
It is very important to have a staff person, either at church or school, backing your desire to go to Japan. They often know who is interested in missions, who the best group would be to talk to, or can give you the opportunity to present the trip in a group setting.

3. Talk to friends.
It's always nice to have a tightly knit team. If you have some friends who are interested in forming your team, this is perhaps the easiest way to recruit.

4. Present the opportunity to a group.

If your friends aren't interested, work with your staff member to find a time to present to a group. Share your vision and some of the details of the trip. Show "Ministry Opportunities in Japan" DVD clip or even 1-3 short video clips from the DVD J-Scape: Missionary Life in Japan, as well if time permits. Give examples of past teams' ministry activities and emphasize the impact they could have in this country where less than 1/2 of 1% are Christian. Be sure to have a sign-up sheet available.

5. Follow-up.

Have those who are potentially interested leave you their contact info. Follow up with them within a week. Don't let their fire of interest die, but strike while the iron is hot.

6. Make a team decision.
Hold a second meeting a week or two later for all those who indicated interest. This should give them time to think and pray about the opportunity and time for you to contact each one to gage their true interest. Make sure you have contacted Asian Access to answer all of the questions that were brought up at the first meeting. Be prepared to answer those at this meeting. Figure out the length of the trip that will work for the majority of the people and begin the application/screening process with your screening committee for those that remain interested. The team member application will likely be available for download at the same place as the team leader application. (Contact us for that link). If you have more than four people other than yourself interested, it is possible to form two separate teams as long as there is a team leader for each one.

7. Screen the Applications.
Set up a committee of 3 people, with the missions pastor or staff member, plus the Team Leader and someone who has had missions experience. Read through the applications separately and make notes. Then have the committee set up a 15-20 minute interview with each applicant. Finally, as a committee, decide upon who should be on the team. Communicate your decisions to each applicant separately.

8. Thank the Lord for providing the team He had prepared for you.

Don't forget to be thankful for who He has chosen. Even though they may not be the same people you would have chosen, keep in mind that God has selected them to be a part of your team.

9. Send every approved team member's application to Asian Access.

More Information...

J-Teams info

Next Steps...

For more info about these service opportunities, visit You can read more about the ministry opportunities there. Feel free to register for an account and then you can post a question on the forum for our missionaries to answer. You can even begin to fill out an online preliminary application form.

Other opportunities to serve:

  • Our missionary programs to Japan:
  • Volunteering in Southern California office
  • Faculty Member (1 teaching trip to Asia every 2 years)

Learn more about life as an Asian Access missionary in Japan...


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