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Bethany Panian

Serving as a
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Bio: Bethany Panian

bethany panian sitting 2016Background Information:

Bethany first came to Japan in February 2011 to teach English at a school in Sendai. After experiencing the Tohoku Triple Disaster on March 11, she prayed and knew that God wanted her to stay. She taught at the school for four years, and was also involved in a local church during that time. Her last year teaching, she felt God calling her to serve full time with the church, and God opened up the doors for her to partner with Asian Access and the local church in Sendai. She left Japan April 2015 to prepare for ministry and returned in September 2016.

Ministry Assignment:

Missional Partner Associates since 2016

Advice to Potential Missionaries

Pray without ceasing. God created each one of us, and He knows exactly how to reach us. As you pray, reach out to people you trust and seek their counsel. Have them pray with you. Write down exactly what you think God is saying to you. Research as much as you can and continue to pray. Always remember, seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. As you seek Christ with your life, He will guide you.

Important Lessons Learned

Look at the person or the church in front of you and ask God, “Who are they? How can I encourage them to be who they are in Christ?” One of my biggest temptations is my perfectionism, what I think something or someone should be. However, these questions help remind me, ministry is about relationships, not product. How can we walk this life together and grow closer to Christ?

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When in Japan, be sure to...

...visit Matsushima Bay. Gorgeous!

Hopes for the Future

My first ministry focus is language learning. I hope to grasp the Japanese language and be able to speak to the hearts of those in my Japanese family. In that process, I hope that God will use my weaknesses to glorify Him. 

What ultimate contributions do you hope to have?

I want it to be said that I truly loved people well. That God gave me eyes to see people where they are and love them. Whatever my accomplishments may be, they are nothing without love. I want love to always be my motivation in whatever ministry I do. 


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Robert Fuhriman

My Tribute to Robert Fuhriman

Blessed to Be in Community with Bob

Bob & Beth Fuhriman served as missionaries with Cru in Japan starting in 1968. In 1981, they switched to Asian Access (then, LIFE Ministries). I met them in 1987 as an Asian Access short-termer living in Tokyo. I remember carefully watching several of these long-term missionaries to see if I could possibly become one, as well as if these were the people whose community I wanted to join.

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"We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps."
— Proverbs 16:9 (NLT)

In our hearts, we were confident that God was calling us to serve him in Japan. But we couldn’t do it without a significant team of supporters behind us with faithful prayers and financial gifts. It was hard to imagine how he would do it. It was 2016. Josh and I hoped to be in Japan within a year, but God had other plans.

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millersAsian Access/Japan’s Progress Report from 2018

There is much to be thankful to God for in the ministry highlights he brought our way in 2018. Below is a summary of encouraging progress from various ministry categories and missionaries serving in Japan...

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Why A2?

Why am I serving with Asian Access?

I am serving with Asian Access because they have a history and a vision of building up leaders for Christ. I want to strengthen all Japanese leaders, ranging from serving my pastor all the way down to mentoring and encouraging the junior high girls teaching in children’s ministry. We are all disciples making disciples, and Asian Access will equip me and encourage me to do just that.

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