Republic of Indonesia
GEOGRAPHY   Southeastern Asia, archipelago between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean
AREA   1,919,440 sq km / 741,096 sq miles
COMPARATIVE   larger than the state of Texas
POPULATION   234,893,453
CAPITAL   Jakarta (population 9.3 million)
LITERACY   98% (age 15+ and can read and write)

Official: Indonesian - Known as Bahasa Indonesian. There are another 365 dialects spoken.

Other: Sundanese, Javanese, and English


Muslim - 88%

Christian - 8%

Hindu - 2%

POLITICS   federal republic
INCOME   Per capita income US$ 1,140 per year
CURRENCY   Rupiah (Rp)
TIME ZONE   GMT/UTC +7, +8, and +9
SOURCES   Statistics provided by a variety of sources, but mostly the U.S. State Department, the U.N. Statistics Division, and BBC News.

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