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Paying It Forward: the Generosity of a New Asian Access Cohort

“While we were praying for [the new country] last night, we felt that God was telling us to bless them.”

That’s what Asian Access participants in a newly-launched country said to me. (For security purposes, we cannot identify this country by name.) But before you read the rest of this encouraging story, I want to ask you to consider an opportunity to partner with Asian Access to equip and empower more pastors and marketplace leaders across Asia.

Leveraging investment is so important. Most of the leaders who participate in Asian Access come from modest financial means. Their home countries often struggle with economic hardship and poverty. In addition, pastors are usually paid less than the average workers in their countries. Many pastors must work as farmers, taxi drivers, or laborers to make enough to support their families, while they minister virtually for free.

This is the case in the newly-launching country, where an Asian Access orientation session was held this past July. While some of the pastors from metro areas are in better financial situations, many of the leaders live on very little. And by Western standards, all of these leaders, including those more blessed financially, live on modest means.

At a typical Asian Access session, each evening is given to the cohort for the building of relationships and community. These evening sessions are held in their heart language with no foreigners present. It is their time, and they do with it what they think best.

Earlier in the week, the leaders at the orientation session had asked about the future for Asian Access. Here’s what we told them:

“Thanks to God, we are growing. Two months from now, there will be an orientation session for (another new country, that, again for security reasons, we cannot name). We are excited for them but have many concerns. They must minister under the heel of a repressive government. Plus, they are one of the poorest countries in Asia.”

Then we asked them to pray for this upcoming country and left it at that.

So imagine our surprise and delight when the cohort approached us the final morning of the orientation session…

“While we were praying for [the new A2 country] last night, we felt that God was telling us to bless them. We would like to take an offering this morning to support this new country. Would you take our offering and present it to them at their A2 orientation session?

We would, and did. This September, we were honored to present their sacrificial offering to the leaders of the new A2 country. These leaders were deeply touched by the generosity and support from their new Asian Access brothers and sisters from afar. It meant a great deal to them as they commit to joining an Asian Access cohort that, by its nature, means additional risk for them and their families.

It was an inspiration to us to witness the generosity of those who, from modest means, gave from their hearts to support leaders whom they hadn’t even met. Asian Access cohorts are created to provide transformational learning opportunities for key leaders in Asia. But as you can see, we have much to learn from them.

And I thank you for your generosity that enables Asian Access to help change a few leaders who help the many. 

Would you join our new Asian Access colleagues in expressing that generosity once again?

Please prayerfully consider a gift right now of $75, $100, $150, or even $500 to empower and equip more pastors, each resulting in many more souls impacted.

Thank you for partnering with Asian Access and God in seeing change like what we have seen in Asia. I’m grateful for you and I look forward to hearing from you on this opportunity.

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Joe Handley, President

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