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Thank you for helping us fulfill this 2021 giving challenge that helps us launch in the MENA region. Ongoing support of A2 for this multiyear project for the expansion into the Middle East and North Africa is vitally important. As we move forward, please consider partnering with us in continuing this special project beyond 2022...

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What's Missing?

"Joe, we have tons of leadership training in this region but what is missing is relationship. There are wonderful groups serving our region offering all sorts of material, ideas, tips and techniques. Many of those are good but what is lacking is a deep commitment to journey together. If Asian Access can walk with us, together hand-in-hand, it would be a tremendous encouragement."

MiddleEastNorthAfrica Nov2021 800x800aI heard those words on a call with a pastor from North Africa the other day who echoed what another pastor from another country in that region has been telling me. Your gift can help make it possible to expand into both North Africa countries.

My colleague, Adrian De Visser from Sri Lanka, who has been on most of these calls, responded,

"That is exactly what I love about Asian Access. We don’t come in with a standard leadership program, rather we journey together for a lifetime, sitting down over meals and coffee, and caring for one another. Asian Access is life-on-life friendship and discipleship that helps pastors grow, develop and thrive."

A Consistent Theme

Adrian and I keep hearing these stories over and over again. The Middle East and North Africa are saturated with groups doing all sorts of leadership development, but the missing link is the depth of relationship over a long period of time.

One of the pastors from a Middle Eastern country put it this way after seeing our approach to ministry,

"This is outstanding! I’m encouraged to see how this proceeds."

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A Challenge to Help These Leaders

As we came to the end of 2021, Asian Access was issued a giving challenge to help us start in the Middle East and North Africa. The $500,000 challenge was reached to enable us to complete our digital platform, our entry point to this region during COVID, and allow us to open these countries once travel restrictions subside.

Every dollar you give will help Asian Access serve these leaders.

Through Asian Access, you can serve these pastors in the Middle East and North Africa nations. Your gift of $30, $50, or $100 will help us open these countries. Perhaps the Lord has blessed you in such a way you could give $250 or even $500 or more. But even a small gift can make a difference when combined with many others.

With you as a financial partner, we can go deep with them, foster life together, and help them grow and thrive.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and partnership. And thank you for prayerfully considering a gift to help us serve these pastors.

Give Now! 

With Christ,

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Rev. Joseph W. Handley, Jr., Ph.D.
President, Asian Access

Joe Handley emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Bring A2 to the Middle East & North Africa – Every dollar will help us develop more leaders!


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