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During the inaugural Asian Access training just conducted in North Africa two weeks ago, we were updated on two recent events—the closing of 20 churches by the government, and the conviction of three pastors for leading churches.

What astounded us was the reaction to the news of the church closures by Adidi (not his real name), a key leader who heads a church network in several North African countries:

“Praise God!”

Before I tell you more about why Adidi reacted as he did, let me first ask you to pray for the three pastors who were convicted. They face sentencing this week. Please pray for mercy on them and for favor with the sentencing judge.

Second, pray for Asian Access as we invest in North Africa. I’m writing to ask you to partner with us there. It costs about $75,000 over the first few years to launch the ministry in each new country. Your support makes this possible.

So back to Adidi’s reaction:  Why was he praising God for the closing of the 20 churches? Because now he and his fellow leaders can focus more effectively on disciple-making.

The physical church structures had become a major distraction to discipleship as building maintenance became more important than building disciples. Loss of the physical buildings is bringing spiritual freedom. Now that the believers have been moved into house churches or other underground formats, Adidi can begin growing them in Christ!

As you can see, the timing of these church transitions and the Asian Access training could not have been more perfect.

Another key leader, Youssef (not his real name), invited us to help he and his fellow leaders grow in discipleship:

“What you offer through Asian Access is precisely what we need today. The church has grown like wildfire and yet it’s facing divisiveness like never before. The tensions in this part of the world are tearing the church apart and we need the unity that you at Asian Access teach about. Please help us develop leaders, unify them, and help them multiply.

Now with the churches being closed we can work to develop tunnels of underground fellowships or churches that meet regularly for fellowship, teaching, discipleship, and multiplication.”

Adidi and his friends were so grateful that we could serve them. That gratitude extends to you because your past gifts made this training possible. They are looking forward to the next session. They even want us to work with North Africans in Europe!

Helping establish strong disciplemaking churches in North Africa

Would you prayerfully consider a gift of $50, $100, or $200 to help Adidi and his friends establish strong disciple-making churches in North Africa?

Even though they are under significant duress, they praise God and are eager to be developed as disciple-makers, unifiers, and multipliers. Your gift can make that happen.

Thank you for prayerfully considering coming alongside Pastor Adidi and his fellow pastor friends in North Africa.

Give Now! 

With Christ,

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Rev. Joseph W. Handley, Jr., Ph.D.
President, Asian Access

Joe Handley emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


P.S. - The names of pastors have been changed for security reasons for their protection.


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