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“My dilemma is that I am still the head of the Mosque, but I can no longer stand the Muslim faith.”

That amazing statement was made by Imam Talib*, the head of a Mosque in a Middle Eastern country that we cannot name for security reasons. Your gift at this time will help develop Talib and many others to become effective leaders of the church in his country.

As you may recall, Asian Access expanded into the Middle East earlier this year. What God is doing in recent months has those in the leadership development cohort in this country in awe. Thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ. This includes many Imams, Muslim clerics who lead Mosques.

The Imam quoted at the beginning of this letter is now in the leadership network of Khalifa*, one of Asian Access’ cohort leaders. He is being discipled by Jasar*, one of Khalifa’s leaders. Jasar tells his story:

“Like any other Muslim preacher, I wanted to lead the Mosque into the fundamentals of Islam. As I was surfing on the internet looking for content that may inspire me, I accidentally came into a Christian site that outlined the life of Jesus.”

middleeast nov2022 800x800 2That site led him to other websites:

“I was gleaning here and there and I was so distracted that I did not prepare my speech for the Mosque! Some more weeks—and then months—I searched and asked questions until I was connected to a Christian man in my country. And surprisingly, he is from the area where I am from. Not only that but we also have friends in common!

“I called him for help. Eventually, both my wife and I gave our lives to Christ. My dilemma is that I am still the head of the Mosque, but I can no longer stand the Muslim faith. And I cannot go on preaching in the Mosque. Jesus convinced me and I cannot disobey Jesus…”

Jasar encouraged this newly saved Imam and advised him to quit preaching in the Mosque and transition into an influential administrative role. This strategic move would allow him to work among all the imams to share the gospel with them. Please pray for Talib that his resignation may be accepted and his transfer to the administration be accepted as well.

There are many other imams who have come to know the Lord. It is overwhelming to see the extraordinary breakthroughs in their lives. Many of them can become strategic leaders within the body of Christ. But they need to be developed as leaders.

That’s where you can help. Will you prayerfully consider giving $100, $150, or $250 to help Asian Access continue to develop leaders like Khalifa and Jasar who can influence scores of new leaders like Talib?

I agree with Khalifa when he wrote, “There is no place on earth that the Holy Spirit couldn’t enter and there is no soul the Holy Spirit cannot reach—even Muslims!”

Please help Asian Access take advantage of the dramatic growth of the church in the Middle East. Thank you in advance for whatever God leads you to give.

Give Now! 

With Christ,

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Rev. Joseph W. Handley, Jr., Ph.D.
President, Asian Access

Joe Handley emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


* P.S. - The names have been changed to protect the identity of these leaders who are living in danger of losing their lives.


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