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These are some of the ministry projects you can donate toward...

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“My dilemma is that I am still the head of the Mosque, but I can no longer stand the Muslim faith.”

That amazing statement was made by Imam Talib*, the head of a Mosque in a Middle Eastern country that we cannot name for security reasons. Your gift at this time will help develop Talib and many others to become effective leaders of the church in his country.

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During the inaugural Asian Access training just conducted in North Africa two weeks ago, we were updated on two recent events—the closing of 20 churches by the government, and the conviction of three pastors for leading churches.

Ron McMahon Memorial Fund

Honor Ron McMahon by giving to his memorial fund

Ron McMahon, who faithfully served as our board of directors chair for 23 years, passed into eternity on May 2, 2022.

Thank you for helping us fulfill this 2021 giving challenge that helps us launch in the MENA region. Ongoing support of A2 for this multiyear project for the expansion into the Middle East and North Africa is vitally important. As we move forward, please consider partnering with us in continuing this special project beyond 2022...

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What's Missing?

"Joe, we have tons of leadership training in this region but what is missing is relationship. There are wonderful groups serving our region offering all sorts of material, ideas, tips and techniques. Many of those are good but what is lacking is a deep commitment to journey together. If Asian Access can walk with us, together hand-in-hand, it would be a tremendous encouragement."

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As bad as the COVID pandemic was in India which I wrote about just a few months ago, it is now more than twice that bad in another Asian country based on the number of deaths per capita. And COVID deaths are thought to be drastically undercounted, so the situation is actually much worse.

What is causing the surge there? And what does this have to do with Asian Access?

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Every dollar given will be matched!

Asian Access has a matching challenge grant to help build kingdom leaders across Asia in spite of the various crises they face.

  • In the midst of this pandemic, we have seen some COVID relief funds come in, but our primary work is equipping leaders to serve well.
  • As COVID rages across Asia, will you help us help them? As you have heard in the news, India has been hit particularly hard. Your gift will help Pastors and Christian leaders serve well in the midst of the crisis.

Helping the Persecuted Church by providing online tools for leaders

Asian Access expands to the Middle East and North Africa

Leadership development is what we desperately need but we don’t really get it. People promise us this but deliver other products, not developing leaders.

These words, from Pastor Isias (not his real name)—a leader based in a country located in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region—tugged at my heart. His cry amplified the very reason that Asian Access feels called to expand our ministry into this part of the world. In the midst of a global pandemic and financial uncertainty, God has continued to grow Asian Access’ ministry. He is opening doors in MENA, one of the most critical areas for the Gospel on our planet. With your financial partnership, Asian Access will go through those doors to more countries...

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Bringing compassion to those experiencing disaster...

From volcanic eruptions in Indonesia to flooding in Bangladesh to earthquakes in Nepal to typhoons in Cambodia and tsunamis in Japan, there are many needs. This is a collective fund that directs aid to areas of greatest need.

Helping the Persecuted Church by providing online tools for leaders

Needed: a secure digital platform providing leaders with a safe place

Give toward a match so our brothers and sisters under persecution can enjoy meeting, like we do, by video conferencing without fear of government intervention. Asia is still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our friends are especially suffering from the pain of isolation—and none feel it more than those who live in countries where Christians are persecuted, where they cannot trust their governments to...

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Bringing compassion to leaders facing COVID challenges...

In the midst of this pandemic, we have seen some COVID relief funds come in. Even though our primary work is equipping leaders to serve well, we strive to help pastors and leaders move beyond the obstacles brought on by the coronavirus. So we channel these funds to the leaders who most desperately need them, freeing them up to eventually reach out effectively to their communities.

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Beauty in Brokenness: Nozomi Project Vision Expands

Rising out of Japan’s triple disaster in March 2011, Nozomi Project has sought to bring economic recovery to Japanese people living in the disaster zone. Nozomi (のぞみ) means “hope” in Japanese. Nozomi Project now has vision to expand its reach to Cambodia. Read more to find out...

A2 Expansion Fund

Asian Access is currently serving in 18 countries across Asia. Yet we are fielding invitations from several other countries asking A2 to develop their leadership. Find out more...

Church Multiplication

Asian Access seeks to multiply leaders and congregations. More leaders plant more churches—hopefully churches that plant churches that plant churches. Help Asian Access train leaders with an emphasis on multiplying reproducible churches.

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Occasionally A2 missionaries or national leaders have personal needs that are so challenging that we desire to show special care and practical help. It could be a health challenge, natural disaster, persecution, or helping them with a family problem.


Asian Access is about developing leaders who worship God, grow in Christlikeness, reproduce themselves in others and impact their world toward God's purposes. Give toward this work of Developing Leaders. Find out more...