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relational duy pham Cecb0 8Hx o unsplashRELATIONSHIP—spending time with one another, getting to know one another, and going beyond just working together—is imperative. Leading well involves a depth of relationship that goes beyond partnership or collaboration. It flows within the communal theme mentioned above but goes further pressing into deep personal ties.


Daniel Amos, CEO of Aflac, caught this people-centered vision of leadership from his father and uncles. He remembers them saying,

“If you take care of your people, they’ll take care of the business.”

How can I grow as a relational, polycentric leader?

Do you value, build, and nurture relationships, even as you cast vision? People are desperate for friends and mentors. Are you just a leader, or are you a friend?

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Relational Trait

relational duy pham Cecb0 8Hx o unsplashRELATIONSHIP—spending time with one another, getting to know one another, and going beyond just working together—is imperative. Leading well involves a depth of relationship that goes beyond...

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Two Relational Qualities of a Great Leader

BuildingBlocks Leadership Scripture 464502576 500px part3Qualities of a Great Leader, Part 3: Two Relational Qualities

This is the third post in a 4-part series about great leaders that took me 36 years to write. Here are the categories of the 30 leadership qualities I will enumerate: Six Foundational Qualities, Five Spiritual Qualities, Two Relational Qualities, and Seventeen Essential Leadership Qualities. As I shared in Part 1, when God wants to get something done, He finds a person, but not just any person. He looks for a person with certain qualities.

Relational Leadership Qualities

12. Self-Leadership (relation to self)...

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Mentoring: A Relationship That Empowers

mentoring 79312166 1200x800I recently read an article by Thom Rainer entitled ‘The One Common Factor of Effective Church Leaders’. He began the article by asking a critical question, “Is it possible to find one common factor in the lives and ministries of the most effective church leaders?” He answered, “I think so” and then went on to say that “The most effective church leaders are being continuously and intentionally mentored… …it is the difference between good leadership and great leadership for most church leaders.” Having made his point with some conviction, Thom Rainer however had to conclude that “mentoring is missing in over 90% of church leaders’ lives today.” After reading the article, I stopped to say a quiet prayer of thanks for my mentor of over 30 years, John Mallison who happened to be one of the great Christian leaders in Australia for the twentieth century. After an amazingly fruitful life that spanned more than eighty years, John went to be with the Lord he loved while he was out on his morning walk...

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New training in Japan is on the uprise

ja-map.gifJapan (MNN) ― In Asia, for every 600,000 people, there is only one trained, competent Christian leader. David Dayalan from Asian Access says they are working on training more leaders, especially in Japan. "Asian Access developed a strong emphasis on helping pastors to look at this new Biblical paradigm of developing leaders...

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Discussing Polycentric Leadership

Joe Handley

Let's continue the discussion. Feel free to connect with Joe online...

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Charisma Trait

 Polycentric Leadership

love relationship icon
is CHARISMATIC leadership.


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Communal Trait

 Polycentric Leadership

disciples icon
is always COMMUNAL in nature.


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Relational Trait

 Polycentric Leaders

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are RELATIONAL leaders.


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Entrepreneurial Trait

Polycentric Leadership

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exhibits a bold ENTREPRENEURIAL spirit.


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Collaborative Trait

 Polycentric Leaders

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lead in a COLLABORATIVE way.


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Diverse Trait

 Polycentric Leadership

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leverages DIVERSE leaders and styles.


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