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What is RSS?

RSS is an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication" and is an XML-based protocol for sharing news and feature information through the internet.

One of the challenges with Web sites is that we can (and do) frequently post new information that is important to you; but unless you happen to visit our website frequently you will not be aware of this new information. RSS creates a way for the information to be "pushed" to you, in a very straightforward text format, using an internet device called an "RSS reader" or "aggregator." Some browsers now natively support RSS feeds, and there are third party software packages you can download for free to get RSS feeds. (Click here for a list.)

RSS feeds can contain up to 15 recent news items, with the most recent organized at the top of the list.

How does Asian Access use RSS?

We have RSS feeds for our blogs and headlines. Here are a few...

Examples of Asian Access Feeds
...summary of the feeds below
...from around Asian Access Japan and across Asia
...from around Asia
...from President Joe Handley  
...from Mission Network News  
...Chinzorig Jigjidsuren's Mongolia  
...from Nozomi Imanishi in Japan  

...from A2 missionaries in Japan

How Do I Subscribe To Asian Access' RSS Feeds?

When you see an RSS button (   or ) or RSS link ("RSS 2.0," "RSS 1.0," "RSS 0.9," etc.) for something you'd like to subscribe to, just click on it. If you have built-in RSS capability in your browser or e-mail client, follow the instructions that it provides.

(If you click on that link and see the RSS feed without receiving an error, you may already be equipped to receive RSS feeds. If you're not equipped to receive RSS feeds, we recommend downloading one of the free aggregators from this list.)

Aggregator software will typically install a toolbar in your browser which will alert you to the presence of an RSS feed on a Web site, and allow you readily to subscribe to the feed.

How should I use these RSS feeds?

Asian Access' RSS Feeds are designed to help you stay aware of current news and trends in our ministry efforts. Your aggregator will provide a simple way for you to forward news items of interest to your friends and colleagues, and we invite you to do so. However, since information presented on these RSS feeds is covered by copyright and intellectual property laws, please do not remove information from this context without giving due credit to Asian Access as the source (including a link to our Web site at You may not use our RSS feeds for commercial purposes, and you may not change the links in the feeds.


Feel free to contact us if you have questions. Thank you!

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