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  • James Choung brings his expertise to A2's council of reference

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    As our world becomes increasingly complex, I’m thrilled to announce that James Choung has joined our Council of Reference. James leads strategy and innovation for InterVarsity USA and these are days where these two attributes are essential for ministry. He’s also a student of Dr. Bobby Clinton in leader formation which has been so vital to Asian Access. He’s adapted the ideas and framework Bobby developed for the next generation, a generation that is pivotal for the future of the Church.

  • So-Young Kang advises Asian Access

    gnowbe logoAsian Access has been using and experimenting with a remarkable app for the last three years. It's a mobile, micro-learning platform called Gnowbe.

    And, So-Young Kang, the app's founder has been a friend since I met her while she was leading another startup called the Awaken Group.

  • Grace Samson-Song joins A2's council of reference

    samson song grace 1I’m excited to announce the most recent leader to join the Asian Access Council of Reference.

    Grace Samson-Song is someone I met during my research on Polycentric Mission Leadership. The insight she offered related to leadership and the Lausanne Movement was most helpful and as you look at Grace's story and background, you’ll see the wisdom and experience that flows from one who follows Christ deeply and knows what it takes to lead well in the present environment.

  • A Tribute to Lon Allison

    allison lonA real man of God has just arrived in heaven.

    There is a lot you could say about Lon Allison. First and foremost, a follower of Jesus. Close after, a loving husband, walking through life hand-in-hand with his spouse Marie. Close after that, a caring father to Tara, Courtney, and Eric. And close after that, a loyal and supportive friend to literally hundreds of people, from all walks of life, all over the world. Then there was his life of ministry. Pastor, evangelist, musician, speaker, denominational leader, writer, national leader, global mover and shaker. He enjoyed a succession of ministry seasons, all fruitful—from high school pastor at Hillside Covenant Church in Walnut Creek, California…to co-founder and pastor of Hope Center Covenant Church in Pleasant Hill, California…to Director of Church Growth and Evangelism for the Evangelical Covenant Church in Chicago…to Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center at... {addthis off}

  • Mrs. Juni Felix

    felix juni 2 200x150px"Partnering with the team of Asian Access was an answer to prayer for me and my family. When I learned of the work they are doing to bring the Gospel to Japan, I was deeply moved. With Christ centered leadership training programs, aid to disaster victims and discipleship training, Asian Access is being used of God to offer the Japanese the chance to hear the Gospel and find true hope after generations of spiritual darkness. When my mother passed away in the summer of 2015, she had one dying wish, “Take me home. Take me back to Tokyo.” I’ve often wondered if...

  • Pastor Dave Gibbons

    DaveGibbons 200x200px"Asian Access is about coming alongside leaders who love to make a difference in their communities! Grateful for what Joe Handley and they are doing to jumpstart and sustain leaders in their competencies!"

    Dave Gibbons
    Author, Speaker and Advisor
    Founder of Newsong and Xealots


    More Information...

  • The Most Important Thing

    allison lon-2015"It all emanates out of a love for God and a life with God." That's what Lon Allison says. At Asian Access' annual Global Leaders' Summit last week in Cambodia, Dr. Lon Allison inspired our group with the importance of a love relationship with God. Then he offered practical insights on how to nurture this deep relationship, drawing upon Scripture, as well as the written experiences of believers from the past 2,000 years, including his own.

  • Dr. Ajith Fernando

    Ajith Fernando thumb"I often meet young pastors and Christian leaders who have been through the Asian Access nurturing programme in Sri Lanka. They always speak warmly of the things they learned and how it is impacting their ministries and lives now. So I thank God for this ministry..."

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