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  • The World Is Changing Fast. Are You Ready For A Seismic Shift in the Way You Lead?

    Polycentric Mission Leadership

    Toward A New Model for Global Leadership

    The world went through some monumental shifts during my tenure in mission leadership. While many had been talking about partnership and collaboration, as well as paternalism and colonialism for many years, it was during early in my 30 years of ministry that major changes were burgeoning in many ways. Of course, the last few years this has accelerated on many fronts making these issues of critical importance.

  • Asian Access goes digital to keep advancing

    silverlining simone viani 9ikL6XaUlG4 unsplashA Silver Lining in 2020's Dark Clouds

    What a year this has been!  As most of us look back on 2020, I’m sure it’s been challenging—whether it’s the impact of COVID-19, the economic collapse or the ongoing polarization in our society and world. It often feels crazy to me. One of the silver linings in the dark clouds of this year for us at Asian Access though is the blessing of going digital. I’m sure you’ve heard of our Digital Platform project and the corresponding matching gift by now. Through your participation, we’ve been able to start three new countries in what we are calling a soft launch. In one of those countries, we are starting both our pastor and business cohorts simultaneously... 

  • God opens the door in another "closed" country

    Day One.12 blurPressures on Christians in many parts of Asia have never been greater. Government repression, religious extremism, and outright persecution are on the rise. But in spite of these pressures—or perhaps because of them--God continues to open doors to provide courageous leaders the opportunity to form new Asian Access movements. One such opportunity is happening right now. 19 leaders from a “closed” country are, even as we speak, sharing the issues and problems they face in their country with ADV (National Director for A2/Sri Lanka and Vice President for Partnership Development) and MAH (National Director for A2/Cambodia). ADV and MAH are facilitating an Orientation Session, giving these leaders a “taste” of the Asian Access learning community... {addthis off}

  • Asian Access invited to a new country

    Noel Becchetti, Asian Access VP for Leader Development shares about plans for expansion into a new country—what's involved and what to pray for. Check this clip out to hear about an exciting vision this country has to reach its own in and outside its borders. Asian Access is encouraged to come alongside to train leaders in an effort to help them achieve their vision...

  • Asian Access Plans to Launch a New Country

    pastor-praying-B4GA beautiful country sits like a jewel in the center of Southeast Asia. Ruled by a totalitarian regime for decades, it is home to a growing population of Christians with a vision for growth. What do they need most to move forward? Skilled, trained, and mature leadership.

    When the current regime came to power, this nation lost nearly 90% of their experienced Christian leaders. Over time, new generations of leaders have emerged in the country and persevered despite significant restrictions. In fact, the church here is growing at a rate of...