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  • Breaking down national barriers is central to A2's DNA

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    Key Component to Asian Access' Ethos

    Asian Access is a multi-national ministry, currently active in 16 countries. What you might not be aware of is that the leaders in A2 are active among those 16 countries as well.

    It’s part of our ethos of breaking down barriers to build up the unity of the Church across Asia. 

  • Changing the few in Cambodia who change the many

    The working team of A2/CambodiaPictured here with me is the Asian Access "working team" from Cambodia. They work with Pastor Meng Aun Hour (far right) of the photo to lead the work of Asian Access in the country. They are hitting way above their weight as a country, and it’s fun to see God’s story unveiled through them. The pastor in the middle left side of the picture has seen remarkable fruit since graduating from Asian Access. He’s clearly a keen example of God “Changing the Few who Change the Many.” He took what he learned through Asian Access and began multiplying it and that’s a key reason why Meng chose him to be on their working team. {addthis off}

  • 80% of the Church in our Country are Women

    women prayingThis past week was an encouraging one for me as we spent time exploring the idea of launching our Women in Ministry training in Cambodia. It came on the heels of seeing our largest group of women ever in a graduating class – around 7 of the members in Bangladesh were women. Everywhere I go, the need to empower and equip women is overwhelming. That’s why Asian Access is spending more time and energy investing in women. Nearly 30% of most of our cohorts in 16 countries include women but that pales in comparison to the need. Thus, our special Women in Ministry cohorts are... {addthis off}

  • Cambodian Christians offer hope to flood victims

    Asian Access helps believers respond to neighborhood needs

    Cambodia (MNN) — It’s rainy season in Southeast Asia, flooding crops and putting livelihoods at risk. Cambodian Christians are responding with the help of Asian Access (A2). Non-stop rain that began last week continued through the weekend, submerging five provinces. Though some Cambodians were evacuated and resources were stockpiled months ago, others needed immediate help finding food and shelter. “Because of this flood, Asian Access alumni in that area [are trying] to help, especially the people in their town [and] in their villages… [They are] also helping church members who are affected,” shares Asian Access’ Meng Aun Hour. Rev. Aun Hour oversees all of A2’s work in Cambodia...

  • An Encouraging Surprise for a Returning Visitor

    A2 Summit 2018 doug and mengDoug Birdsall, former president of Asian Access and member of the A2 Board of Directors, also serves on the A2 Vision Council—a group of men and women who help to discern God’s “big picture” vision for the movement. Recently, the Vision Council meeting was scheduled back-to-back with our annual Summit, when Asian Access gathers its national leaders together for spiritual refreshment, vision-casting, and strategic planning. Doug arrived early enough to attend the Summit—and got a very encouraging surprise...

  • Eastern Voices: Meet Meng, Lead Like Jesus

    A2 50th Day3 meng and radyAsian Access has released a brand new series called, Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia In Their Own Words. We'd like you to meet Meng...

    A Trans-Cultural Look at Christian Leadership

    Do we lead like Jesus? (2:55)

    Meng Aun Hour says that many people use their own power to control or hurt others. He kept asking himself, “What about me? What about my leadership style? Do I lead like the leaders of Cambodia, or do I lead like Jesus?” Studying...

  • Cambodia Church finds unity in shared needs

    They didn't trust each other,  even within the Church

    map/flag of CambodiaCambodia (MNN) — There’s a slice of land in Southeast Asia about the size of Oklahoma. It’s surrounded by Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. While you’ve no doubt heard of Cambodia, you may not know much about the country. Meng Aun Hour of Asian Access says what most people do recognize is the phrase, “killing fields”. We shared a couple of years ago howGod is bringing healing to the nation after the 70s massacre of Cambodians by their four-year leader, Pol Pot. The Gospel is a shining light of hope after such a deep and painful scar that continues to characterize the country. Aun Hour gave us an update on how the Cambodian Church is doing... 

  • Thank you from Cambodia's Pastor Meng Aun

    Greetings from Cambodia! Thank you very much! My name is Pastor Meng Aun from Cambodia. I'm the country director of Asian Access in Cambodia. I just want to take this special time to say thank you for your prayers, for your support, and for your partnership through Asian Access. Asian Access is really playing a very important role in Cambodia to train our pastors and equip our pastors. Through Asian Access, we are so blessed, and that's why we just want to take this time to say thank you for your support. Thank you for your...

  • Big Head... Empty Heart?

    gpro pastoral leadership workshop attendeesDr. Bosela Eale had a powerful critique of many pastors who had gone through seminary and went into the pastorate: “They had a big head but with an empty heart!”Dr. Eale, the Catalyst for Leadership Development with the Lausanne Movement, shared today on Pastoral Leadership at the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers during our Spiritual Engagement Track. He walked through the importance of values in pastoral leadership noting that when we don’t have the right values, we can get off course. Three core values were seen as critical to the life of a pastor: 1.) The value of influence — pastors influence others and thus it is important not to abuse our authority! 2.) The value of servant leadership — pastors are not to rule over others but rather serve the community! 3.) The value of authenticity — only when pastors are honest and real will they be able to related to others and impact their lives...

  • Anticipating A2 Global Leaders' Summit 2016

    joe and meng aun 2016 04 19Joe Handley pulls in Meng Aun Hour, national director of A2/Cambodia for a quick preview of the A2 Global Leaders' Summit 2016. Meng shares his anticipation and his prayer requests for the gathering. Please be praying for this conference. We'll be posting updates throughout the week...

  • What is the antidote to fear?

    Meng Aun Hour and Joe HandleyHow do you handle fear? Fear seems to be gripping the world these days. Whether it’s terrorist attacks in Paris, San Bernardino or elsewhere OR the global economy, etc.; everywhere I turn fear seems to be a common emotion, topic or theme. In the world of Asian Access, it appears most frequently in those facing oppression, persecution or simply pressure from their government...

  • Next Gen... To the 3rd generation & beyond

    00074 00134How thrilling for me to receive this picture from my friend and colleague Meng Aun Hour today. Meng was updating me on a program he started called the "School of Discipleship". Several years ago, after Asian Access/Cambodia had already duplicated the ministry efforts through the local denominations in country, Meng and his team realized:  "We won't ever reach all the leaders in Cambodia if we only work with the top level leaders through Asian Access." With that in mind, he...

  • How does Jesus do mission?

    Lydia-Phil-Meng-Rady-a2Meng Aun Hour shares about Jesus on Mission. A few weeks ago, my colleague and friend Meng Aun Hour, A2/Cambodia National Director preached a great sermon at Life on the Hill in Rolling Hills Estates CA. It is a fabulous sermon dealing with Jesus take on mission and Meng did a terrific job of sharing the correlation to how this is similar to our mutual work with...

  • From killing fields to streams of grace

    From killing fields to streams of graceCambodia (MNN) -- In Cambodia, streams of grace are replacing Pol Pot's killing fields. Asian Access is teaching believers like Meng Aun Hour how to share their faith. "Cambodia is really open for the Gospel of Jesus. We can go out and preach the Gospel, do church planting." As a result, Cambodians are coming to Christ in droves. One of them used...

  • How Do You Make School Possible For Slum Kids?

    Pay To Play (or in this case, Study)

    cam-Jesus-School-two-buddies-A2Our Asian Access national leaders have big hearts. And they tackle big problems with amazing creativity—as is the case with Phnom Penh’s Jesus School. Jesus School was born out of the vision of Meng Aun Hour, National Director for A2 Cambodia. Meng Aun volunteers time with Asian Access; his primary ministry is Followers of Jesus (FOJ) church, where he serves as pastor. FOJ developed a burden for the men, women and children hidden in Phnom Penh’s slums. These are the poorest of the poor, who often rely on money made by their children “working” the dumps for recyclables...

  • From Drug Addict to Church Planter:

    A Redemption Story From Cambodia

    v-r-m-a2When you wade into the Gospel trenches, you never know who might end up right next to you. Asian Access’ leaders in Cambodia have recently experienced this in a big way. Led by National Director Meng Aun Hour (pictured here with his wife Rady and their daughter Vouchly), Cambodia’s A2 program has been dynamic. Soon after the first A2 classes graduated, alumni began to envision how the benefits of A2’s training could be expanded. “A2’s primary program targets top national leaders,” Meng pointed out. “We wanted to also make...

  • You are the Light of the World

    cam-worship-service01You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 5:14-16) In June, I had the privilege of visiting my friend and A2/Cambodia National Director, Meng Aun Hour, in Cambodia. Meng took my daughters and me...

  • Work of Reproducing Disciple-Making Leaders

    cam-worship-service02-joe-mengThe other day, I had the privilege of watching five A2/Cambodia graduates share their learning with a small village several hours northeast of Phnom Penh. The alumni from Cambodia frequently visit towns like this to pass on what they have learned. They invited a pastor from South Africa named Cecil to share...

  • Tough Love from a Good Friend

    00012 00025Sometimes the biggest benefits our leaders gain from Asian Access come from one another. A2 National Director for Cambodia Meng Aun Hour is, like all of our national leaders, a volunteer. Like all of our national leaders, he has a primary ministry. And like all of our national leaders, he actually has several “primary” ministries.  But Meng’s list could make even the most Type-A leader pause for breath. It includes...

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