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  • Asian believers cast vision for massive outreach

    (Photo courtesy of Asian Access)Asia (MNN) -- Terrorists are striking fear around the world, but they're not stopping dedicated believers. By the year 2030, Christians in an Asian country hope to have sent out 20,000 indigenous missionaries. Joe Handley with Asian Access, a ministry dedicated to raising up Christian leaders, says: "There is a sense, at least for many parts of Asia that the Gospel has been brought to them, and they owe a debt to God for bringing this hope to...

  • From killing fields to streams of grace

    From killing fields to streams of graceCambodia (MNN) -- In Cambodia, streams of grace are replacing Pol Pot's killing fields. Asian Access is teaching believers like Meng Aun Hour how to share their faith. "Cambodia is really open for the Gospel of Jesus. We can go out and preach the Gospel, do church planting." As a result, Cambodians are coming to Christ in droves. One of them used...

  • Beginning of reconciliation between Japan, China?

    (Photo APEC flags courtesy Flickr/CC/Halans)Japan (MNN) — It was supposed to be a photo-op, but instead, it was an awkward handshake between the leaders of China and Japan meeting in Beijing for the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) Summit. The body language of both leaders made it clear that a lot of work lies ahead of smoothing out...

  • Kärin Primuth on Women in Leadership

    Kärin PrimuthWomen in Leadership, Interview 1:

    Kӓrin Primuth, Asian Access board member and Wendy Wilson with Missio Nexus discuss the pros and cons surrounding the topic of women in leadership with Mission Network News’ Katey Hearth.

    Listen to the interview...

  • Women in Leadership: Part Two

    women in leadershipInternational (MNN) — In Part Two of our series about women in leadership, MNN is going “straight to the source.” As women in roles of leadership themselves, Kӓrin Primuth of Asian Access and Wendy Wilson with Missio Nexus have a lot to say on the subject. In this article, Kӓrin and Wendy explore the “pros and cons” surr...

  • Women In Leadership: Part One

    Women in Leadership1International (MNN) — Putting women in leadership has been a controversial subject since the turn of the century, both in sacred and secular circles. Over the next few days, MNN will investigate the issue as it relates to global missions. The goal of this mini-series is not to debate or choose a side (i.e. women leaders are...
  • Asian Access expands leadership training into marketplace

    David KimInternational (MNN) -- Asian Access expands leadership training into marketplace...

    Listen to Asian Access board member David Kim discuss A2's plan for leader development in the business sector...

    "There is an effort to integrate faith and work in a real conscious way, both at the seminary level and the church level."

    Asian Access is taking a half step—taking what Asian Access has been able to do the last 46 years—taking that methodology in the teaching of leadership development to emerging kingdom leaders outside the typical pastoral track—in this case emerging leaders from the business and professional world with some of the same methodologies, wanting to instill a sense of kingdom leadership in this arena."

  • Takeshi Takazawa's Progress Update at the 3rd Anniversary

    Takeshi TakazawaThree years after a devastating earthquake/tsunami, hope remains. At the three-year mark of the Great NE Japan Disaster, listen to Takeshi Takazawa share a progress update and some stories of hope...

  • Mission Network News Interview - Joe Handley - Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    joe-handley-bwMNN's Ruth Kramer interviews Asian Access' president Joe Handley about the 7.3 quake in Japan this past weekend.

    Size: 5.82 Mb
  • Your dollar is a church-planting seed

    crowded Tokyo street

    Matching donation challenge to boost Japan church planting

    Japan (MNN) - “Japan has been the toughest soil in the world amongst unreached people groups: very difficult to make some progress for the Gospel. In fact, it’s been known as a ‘missionary’s graveyard,’” says Joe Handley, President of Asian Access (A2).

    Only 2% of Japan holds to Christianity. The...

  • Mission Network News interviews Joe Handley on $200K match

    Joe HandleyMNN's Katey Hearth talks to Joe Handley, President of Asian Access, about their $200,000 matching grant initiative and how it'll impact church planting in Japan.

    "We need a mighty force of prayer warriors around the world praying for the people of Japan. And we are desperate for people to go to Japan."

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    More Info...
  • Mission Network News Interview - Zothan Mawia prays for Myanmar

    MNN's Ruth Kramer gets an update from Bishop Zothan Mawia with Asian Access about a prayer conference in Myanmar on Saturday, May 25, 2013 despite persecution trends.

    Listen to Bishop Mawia pray for his country of Myanmar.

    Size: 3.71 Mb - Duration: 5 minutes
  • Bangladesh Islamists push for blasphemy law

    bangunculturedBangladesh (MNN) ―At least 27 people died in clashes between police andhardliners in Bangladesh's capital city Monday.

    Demonstrators were demanding that the government enact an anti-blasphemy law. We spoke with the national co-director of Asian Access (A2)/Bangladesh, Rev. Peter Mazumder, who also serves as director of IFES-Bangladesh (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students). He explains, [sic] "Jamaat-e-Islami want to pressure that Bangladesh should have this blasphemy law, which is totally denied by the government of Bangladesh. And also, the concerned people from Bangladesh, they don't accept that one."


  • Asian Access helps unify the Church of Mongolia


    (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

    Mongolia (MNN) ― Did you know Mongolia has one of the world's fastest growing economies? It had a growth rate of 17% in 2011 and 16.7% in 2012, according to BBC News.

    The Church there is growing too.

    "It's not only growing in numbers, but it's also growing in quality," says Chinzorig

  • Body of Christ growing in former Communist nation

    Asian Access helps unify the Church of Mongolia

    MongoliaMONGOLIA(MNN) ―Did you know Mongolia has one of the world's fastest growing economies? It had a growth rate of 17% in 2011 and 16.7% in 2012, according to BBC News.

    The Church there is growing too.

    "It's not only growing in numbers, but it's also growing in quality," says...

  • Fire devastates poor, widows in Cambodia

    Slum fire sweeps near church; rebuilding plans underway 

    fire in Phnom Penh, CambodiaCAMBODIA(MNN/A2) ―According to the Solidarity for Urban Poor Federation (SUPF) in Cambodia, more than 180,000 people live in informal settlements in Phnom Penh.

    Many of these communities are made up of shanties built on rooftops, as well as along rivers and roadsides. Most of...

  • New training in Japan is on the uprise

    ja-map.gifJapan (MNN) ― In Asia, for every 600,000 people, there is only one trained, competent Christian leader. David Dayalan from Asian Access says they are working on training more leaders, especially in Japan. "Asian Access developed a strong emphasis on helping pastors to look at this new Biblical paradigm of developing leaders...

  • 'Globalization' the buzzword for ministry


    India (MNN) ― Globalization is the new buzzword that has come to dominate the world.

    With that buzz comes the end of the Cold War, changes in what was the Soviet Union, closer connections with Europe and North America, and lots of influence through media.

    Market economies dominated the world, and

  • Mission Network News Interview - Joe Handley (Asian Access) - Fri, 09 Mar 2012

    MNN's Ruth Kramer interviews Asian Access' President, Joe Handley about Japan's one-year anniversary of disaster.

    Size: 7.41 Mb
  • Christians serve war refugees


    Sri Lanka (MNN) ― A decades-long civil war appears to be coming to an end in Sri Lanka.  In the meantime, however, a humanitarian crisis is developing. 

    Tens of thousands of civilians are trapped in a tiny area less than two miles square, between the government forces and the last holdouts of the Liberation


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