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  • China tries to erase Inner Mongolian culture

    A scene from Inner Mongolia; image by marywenstrom from PixabayChina (MNN) — Students and parents from Inner Mongolia gathered to protest a new Chinese policy that would require students to use Mandarin textbooks, rather than learn in Mongolian. Joe Handley of Asian Access describes Inner Mongolia (not to be confused with the independent country of Mongolia to the north) and its relation to China. “Imagine that China was like the United States. Inner Mongolia would be something like the state of Montana. It’s a region within...

  • What's Your EQ? Mine... hmm!

    MjW blue shirt from waist 2020Learning About Emotional Intelligence

    A little over a year ago my colleague Mary Jo Wilson, Vice President for Missional Engagement, took several of our staff through a journey learning about our Emotional Intelligence (EQ). She was certified just prior to lead groups like this and we were one of her early guinea pigs. Having read about EQ the last several years, I thought I would score fairly high on the scales. Was I in for a surprise!  I knew that at least one or two of my colleagues would score higher than me. They seem far more adept in emotional intelligence than me but I actually scored lower than I thought. Ouch!... 

  • Kingdom Discipleship

    5-Fold Discipleship JourneyPastor Chinzorig from Mongolia shared at the fall session of the eighth cohort of pastors in Mongolia on Kingdom Discipleship. It was breathtaking simply sitting in and listening the first few days. He shared how often we get stuck in a simplified gospel paradigm: that we can just be saved at a one-off event in our lives and move on. He walked the cohort through God’s word amplifying an important thread in the bible: what he called 3D Discipleship or the Discipleship Journey. {addthis off}

  • Happy Thanksgiving 2018 from Mongolian Monarchs?

    joe and silk mongolian king and queenOn behalf of Asian Access, Silk and I are grateful for your prayers and support. This photo above was taken while we were with the seventh graduating class in Mongolia. You'd be amazed to hear their praise reports! We're excited for them. We want to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving. May this be a season where you experience the wonder of all that God has given. He is the hope of the world and we are grateful to Him. 

    "Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!" — Psalm 107:1{addthis off} 

  • Meet The Bird Man: Reproducing Disciple-Makers

    mon ideree photographerMeet the Bird Man, my friend Ideree. (See him pictured here.) Why do I call Ideree the Bird Man? Because he’s more famous worldwide for his bird photography than for his pastoring a church or working with the leadership team of Asian Access. I tease him saying “Ideree, you are the most famous pastor in Mongolia.” He’s clearly embarrassed by that. But, check out his FB page and see the birds. You’ll see why... {addthis off} 

  • Meet Ariunbold: A "Bold" Vision for Church Planting

    00333 00553Meet Ariunbold! He has vision like I’ve rarely seen. It’s a God-given vision, passion, and gift mix that truly is rare among pastors these days but one that Asian Access loves to fan the flames for. Ariunbold truly is “Bold” in his faith and action. When he joined the first A2 cohort in Mongolia almost 20 years ago, Ariunbold had started 3 churches. But through Asian Access he was inspired and equipped to take his unique gifts into a whole new stratosphere. He is the embodiment of our brand: “Changing the few who change the many”... {addthis off}


  • Mongolia's Church calling for unity of believers

    Mongolia’s church may be young, but they have big plans

    Mongolian gerMongolia (MNN) — Mongolia’s Church is younger than most. Many pastors have only been ministering for just over 20 years, but they’re already facing challenges on a national scale.

    “In our country, materialism is kicking in so people are more interested [in] having status in society. They want to have all the privileges that mainstream people would like to have,” says Chinzorig Jigjidsuren, the National Director for Asian Access in Mongolia. He’s worried that more interest in earthly treasures means less interest in spiritual ones, and he wants Mongolia’s pastors to unite to reignite hunger for the Gospel. Because so many pastors are young and spread out, it’s easy for believers to feel alone or abandoned. ”The DNA of Asian Access keeps...

  • Thank you from Mongolian Leader Chinzorig

    "I would really like to thank all the people who are committing themselves in prayer, in giving and in being part of the global movement of advancing the kingdom of God through church planting and equipping and training ministries. Everybody, because we believe in the priesthood of every believer, we all have been serving by our gifts, by our resources, and by our calling. So thank you very much for all of your investment and contribution to the churches in Asia and eventually the global...

  • Church Multiplication in Mongolia

    Ger MongoliaThe church in Mongolia is growing rapidly, mostly due to church planting. When I arrived in 2000, the pastors were a divided and competitive lot. Each was hoping to build a mega-church. My first trip was a tug-of-war for four out of five days. Out of 25 pastors, three were former Soviet Army officers. Two of them loved communism while the other hated it. The real struggle, though, was against level 3 megachurches. Everyone in the room clamored to pastor the largest church in the nation. After four days of arguing, they finally got the message about making disciples and multiplying churches. Every pastor in that group planted multiple churches in the next 12 months...

  • Redeeming the Road Slaughtered by Genghis Khan

    JigjidsurenWhat a privilege to host Chinzorig and Ariuntuul Jigjidsuren from Mongolia in our home last week. Silk and I picked them up at Dana Point where we had a nice brunch together before heading up the coast to our home. They enjoyed seeing the Pacific Ocean from the cliffs of Laguna Beach (pictured here) along the way.

    That same evening, we hosted some 30 friends to learn more about what God was doing in Mongolia. Little did we know the amazing stories we would hear. Chinzorig, or "Chinzo" as we call him, is the national director of Asian Access/Mongolia and he shared how when he became a believer in 1996 there were only about 10 churches in the entire country — all of them led by foreign missionaries. Asian Access began...

  • Rockin' Ulaanbaatar (for Christ) on FM 104.5


    You never know what you will run into with Asian Access

    All of our A2 National Directors have day jobs—usually, many day jobs. Chinzorig Jigjidsuren, A2/Mongolia National Director, is no exception. He is lead pastor for a large church in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia’s capitol city) and a key member of the Mongolian Church Council, a consortium of pastors and other key leaders committed to reaching Mongolia’s 2.7 million people for Christ. He is also a husband, father, and grandfather.

    But his most intriguing day job is his role as board chair for one of the most innovative media outreaches I’ve seen anywhere. FM 104.5 is a commercial radio station that has been broadcasting in Ulaanbaatar for the past 12 years... 

  • The Prayer Series

    The Prayer Series is a creative way to pray for Asia and its people.

    Each prayer was written and designed by Joshua Clayton, A2 Creative Team member and Asian Access alumnus. There are three prayers in the series and Prayer for Cambodia is in development:

  • Stories from A2/Mongolia

    In this quick video report, Chinzorig shares the story of his friend, Pastor Ariunbold. When I met Ariunbold, every time I turned around he would pound his chest and say in broken English, “Joe, me servant!” Each time he was doing something sacrificial for either me or one of the other people we visited. This constant servanthood touched me so I asked Ariunbold why he volunteers his time to recruit pastors and coordinate the ministry.

    Ariunbold said,

    “Joe, when I joined Asian Access, all I wanted to do was grow my own church, and I thought I would learn some tips and techniques from American Church Growth ideas to grow my church. The problem was that’s not what Asian Access offered. Instead, they taught me about deepening my walk with Christ, how to carry that into the lives of my congregation (discipleship) and offered me a vision to impact my country and the world.”

    Since graduating Ariunbold has now planted five other churches and those five have reproduced themselves to plant 13 other churches. It’s quite a story and our Country Leader, Chinzorig shares a little of this story and impact in the video below.

    At the end of my time with Ariunbold, he said to me, “Joe, there are Mongolians that live in Russia, Kazakhstan, another neighboring country and South Korea.” Then, practically grabbing my collar, he says, “And we need to reach them for the gospel!” I thought right then and there that that was why God called me to Asian Access, to come alongside a whole new generation of Ariunbolds throughout Asia and finish our part in reaching the world for Christ. For me, it doesn’t get any better than this!

    P.S. - If you're reading this post on Facebook, you'll need to click "View Original Post" in order to watch the video clip.



    Hello, I am Chinzorig.  I am a pastor of Emmanuel Assembly, and I work with Asian Access.  I’m the national director for Asian Access/Mongolia.  I’ve been in the first class and now I’m privileged to work as a staff for Asian Access.  And now we have the fourth class of Asian Access, in the middle of its training.  I would like to share a couple of encouraging stories for you – to be encouraged in the Lord.

    The first one is my close friend, who is actually on our staff now.  His story is amazing.  He has an amazing heart for the Lord, and he has actually traveled to all the 21 provinces in Mongolia with the Gospel, and he started churches and started making disciples and now he oversees some of them.  He received his teaching on organic church and house church movements and now he’s done a great job traveling to different nations even, like including South Korea ministering to Mongols there, and also he goes to Buryatia now to cooperate with the Russian church and also works with the Buryatan church reaching Buryat people with the Gospel.  He carries this message of organic church, you know, a simple church but very effective church and that’s his value now.  Wherever he goes the people are encouraged there.  They go more into a simple lifestyle, but quite effective lifestyle with low cost, but true discipleship and just a great job.

    My second story would be one of my friends again.  He was really touched by one of the sessions on [the] “Father Heart of God.”  Now that message has become his own message and now he takes this message to every church, to every Christian.  He is the message bearer of Father Heart of God.  And because of his ministry and preaching, many people reconcile with their fathers and inner healing and relationship restoration and family restoration happens, so I would like to thank you all who are giving to Asian Access and supporting us with prayer.  God bless you.

  • The lamb for every family


    The White Moon Celebration

    The White Moon which is the Lunar New Year is one the main two big public annual events, next to the Naadam.  It usually celebrated in February or March depending on the lunar calendar.  It marks the end of Winter and the beginning of spring and the new yeaґs cycle. Prior to the holiday people clean and tidy their gers or houses to enter the New Year in order and cleanness.  The White Moon Eve is celebrated in families eating a lot of food mainly buuz, meat, rice, salads, etc... symbolizing the prosperity of the coming year.  

  • A View of Ulaanbaatar (and me)

    Here's a brief video clip of me with a good view of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city.

    Please continue praying for the Church in Mongolia.

  • A2's impact on Pastor Ariunbold (videolog 002)

    My previous post highlighted Pastor Ariunbold in Mongolia during my recent visit. I figured it would be great to let you hear directly from him.

    Here he responds to my question, "What impact has Asian Access had on your life and ministry?"

    Please pray for the Church in Mongolia to transform the nation through discipleship, one person at a time. This is the common goal of churches and pastors I've encountered here.

    For Christ's Kingdom,

    Joe's blue web signature


  • A2’s Catalytic Presence

    Joe in Mongolia with Pastor Chinzorig, Pastor Ariunbold, of and Bruce JohnsonWhat a terrific time I’ve had in Mongolia! Pastor Ariunbold (pictured between Bruce Johnson and me) expanded his vision tremendously through Asian Access. Initially he simply thought about developing his own church but following the A2 experience, Ariunbold gained a greater vision for...

  • Radical lifestyle

    a ger

    I never particularly liked gers (yurts) since my childhood, being born and raised in the city, thinking it is not modern, messy, primitive, complicated etc. After Jesus accepted me, I started to realize many negative principles behind the city lifestyle, and started valuing old way of Mongolians living in gers. I probably can not live in a ger, but serious about applying the principles of community living and fighting the spirit of self-seeking and materialism...

  • Thoughts around Naadam

    Mongolian wrestling at NaadamNaadam is the Mongolian National Holiday, commemorating the People's Revolution of 1921. Every TV channel would broadcast the man's three games: mongolian wrestling, archery and horse racing. It is interesting that in old times these were the main sports/skills needed for the families to survive. Every male was expected...


  • Country Profile: Mongolia

    A Closer Look at... Mongolia
      Vast semi-desert and desert plains, grassy steppe, mountains in west and southwest; Gobi Desert in south-central; landlocked between C hina and Russia
      1,566,500 sq km / 604,633 sq miles
      Slightly smaller than Alaska
      98% (age 15+ and can read and write)

    Official: Mongolian
    C hinese and Russian


    Tibetan Buddhist Lamaism - 96%
    Christian - 2%
    Other - 2%... includes Muslim (primarily in the southwest) and Shamanism combined.

      Won independence from C hina in 1921; parliamentary government with President elected for 4 years.
      Per capita income = US$ 590 per year
      Tugrik (Tug)
      GMT/UTC +8 and GMT/UTC +7
      Statistics provided by a variety of sources, but mostly the U.S. State Department, the U.N. Statistics Division, and BBC News.

    More Information...

    Country Profile


    News: Mongolia-Specific

    News: Asia General



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