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  • Strategic Category 3: Multiplying Churches

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    Asian Access utilizes an interwoven curriculum that focuses on fourteen strategic areas of leadership and church health. These strategic areas are covered in a variety of ways depending on the needs and situation of the participants and on the availability of faculty.

    There are four categories covered:

    1. Developing the Leader
    2. Reproducing Other Leaders
    3. Multiplying Churches
    4. Expanding the Kingdom...
  • Reproducing

    Alumnus Reproduces A2 Training for Rural Leaders

    pastor john reproducing webPastor John has a heart for empowering rural pastors. He inspired me as I listened to him share his burden with me several weeks ago. He was so blessed by Asian Access that he started his own training program for pastors in the rural areas around his province—even before he graduated from the two-year A2 journey! This was a vision of both the first and second classes of Asian Access in his region but they told me how moved they were by Pastor John. They had the idea but it wasn’t until John came along in the third class that this vision turned into reality. John is now reproducing Asian Access training among rural pastors surrounding his city. We see this in several countries but now to see it here in one of the most populated countries on earth is important. This is a country with significant needs and a massive...

  • Helping Leaders Thrive

    Introduction to Asian Access

    Joe HandleyStudies have shown that the biggest challenge we face in the world today is a crisis of leadership. Leaders are struggling to survive. All sorts of problems being thrown their way, and they don't know how to handle it. Leaders are faced with war, natural disasters, poverty, famine, political unrest, social injustice, and persecution to name a few. By building a learning community through a 2-year transformational process, Asian Access is seeing significant impact...


    Asian Access has a new tagline.

    Asian Access: Develop. Multiply. Transform. 

    Our movement can be summarized by these three words. Here is a brief explanation of our tagline...

  • A Passion for Reproduction

    00019 00041What an inspirational graduation!

    A2/Bangladesh graduated its first group of emerging young leaders from a predominantly Muslim dominant nation. It's the first of it's kind for Asian Access!

    It was inspiring to see these twenty and thirty something pastors graduate together. I don't believe I have ever seen a more enthusiastic graduating class. They were fun and it was encouraging to see them own our vision and respond to the call to...

  • Is Church Planting Biblical?

    takeshi-teaching-outside“I don’t see a lot about ‘Church Planting’ mentioned in the Bible. Do you?”

    An interesting question, given that it was being asked to a room full of church-planting pastors. Takeshi Takazawa was leading this group of pastors from throughout South India in the sixth of the eight training times they will spend together over a two-year period. They are the latest group in a series of cohorts Asian Access is conducting in India under the leadership of A2 National Director David Dayalan.

    The pastors looked quizzically at Takeshi...

  • House Chapels Started by Pastor in Disaster Zone


    The last few weeks, I have been powerfully struck by hearing several amazing stories of what God is doing across Asia through leader development alumni of Asian Access. As you have heard, the triple disaster that hit Japan two years ago brought about a spiritual hunger like I have never seen before there.

    I have heard many firsthand stories from Japanese people who have had dreams and visions about Jesus—similar to the Muslim world. People are coming to Christ in handfuls because of their spiritual searching. Often God leads them to talk with pastors and missionaries in surprising and miraculous ways.

    Let me tell you about Pastor Ichio Kishinami, an alumnus of A2’s leader development program...

  • Focus on the Outcomes

    a2 outcomes sml

    What do we want to see as the result of our work in the life and ministry of each participant?

    Asian Access seeks the following outcomes of our work in the life and ministry of every participant.  We feel we're successful if the pastor is...

    1. Living in a love relationship with God.

    Effective ministry flows from our relationship with God—from the inside out. After 10-15 years in ministry, leaders can begin to lose their connection to the Lord—relying more on their strengths and experience. This brings trouble and weakens the impact of their ministry.  In contrast, leaders who continue to deepen their love of God are transformed and can bring powerful change to their sphere of influence.

    2. Growing as a Christ-like leader.

    Effective leaders who abide with Jesus, lead more and more like Jesus. Flowing out of transformed hearts, they exhibit fruits of the Spirit and grow in Christlikeness. If leaders are not growing in Christlikeness, ministry can get off track and they are more susceptible to spiritual plateau and abuse of power.

    3. Reproducing disciple-making leaders.

    Fruitful leaders say, “Follow me as I follow Jesus”. They live out that truth by reproducing themselves in others and equipping those new disciples to follow their example to make more disciples. This is the heart of the Great Commission to make disciples who not only follow Jesus but also make more disciples.

    4. Planting multiplying churches.

    Fruitful leaders build kingdom movements to expand the reach of their ministries. Starting new witnessing communities for spiritual growth, outreach, and multiplication gives more people access to Christ’s life-changing power. Catalyzing movements advance the kingdom and bring momentum that transform people, families, cities, and countries.

    The fifth unspoken outcome of launching a church multiplication movement is entirely up to God. Yet, with His blessing, the first four outcomes can actually result from specific steps Asian Access takes. In other words, there are practical things we can do in structuring our program in order to help achieve these outcomes.

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    OUR ESSENCE | Outcomes | Leader Development Model | Sustainability


    More Information...


    Download the A2 Essence PDF...


    The A2 Essence (front)


    The A2 Essence (back)



     A2 Essence - print (3 MB)

    This one-sheet, double-sided flyer outlines the Essence of Asian Access in terms of our four desired ministry outcomes, the A2 leader development model and our ultimate goal for sustainable ministry in each country.


  • Multiply.



    > reproduce & thrive

    MULTIPLY-whiteAsian Access is a vibrant community that seeks to multiply.

    We are to be fruitful and multiply. We are to make disciples as we go. We reproduce ourselves in others (multiply disciples) and multiply the influence of Christ in our worlds (leaders, churches and communities).

    • "Be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth 
      and increase upon it."
      (Gen 9:7)
    • "If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit." (John 15:5)
    • “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matt 28:19)
    • “… entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” (2 Tim 2:2)

    We are committed to reproduction on all levels:

    1. Personal Multiplication: We are leaders serving leaders.
      • Generally, multiplication comes after death to self: "Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds." (John 12:24)
    2. Leaders and Disciples: Develop leaders who reproduce themselves in others—leaders who multiply disciples.
    3. Congregations & Churches: We want to develop leaders who multiply churches that impact their communities, reach new believers, and reproduce new churches.


    The Need for More Churches

    "Today five out of six non-Christians in our world
    have no hope unless missionaries come
     to them
    and plant the
     church among them."

    Dr. David Bryant
    David Bryant

    Church Multiplication

    Asian Access is a vibrant community that seeks to multiply on all levels: believers, leaders, churches. 

    A Proven Model Developed in Japan for Multiplying Churches

    Perhaps the greatest contribution that Asian Access has made to the work of the church and the work of the Gospel in Japan has been the development of a proven model and a strategy for church multiplication. This is an innovative way to multiply churches — sometimes with missionaries and sometimes without!

    more about this model

    Church Multiplication Across Asia

    Though Japan has missionaries for the work of church multiplication, this work will likely look different in other Asian countries. Political situations alone dictate this. Yet, we trust that a possible result of our leadership development model is the fostering of a church multiplication vision.

    Changing the few who change the many

    Changing the few who change the many

    More about CHANGING THE FEW

    In this section: MINISTRY FOCUS...

    Develop. | Multiply. | Transform. | Ministry Spheres | Essence of Asian Access | Country Profiles


    More Information...

    Give Toward Church Multiplication

  • Give toward Church Multiplication

    Church Multiplication

    Asian Access seeks to multiply leaders and congregations. More leaders plant more churches—hopefully churches that plant churches that plant churches. Help Asian Access train leaders with an emphasis on multiplying reproducible churches.

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